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  1. Been looking for it, don`t think it`s sold here yet. Too bad. Would have liked to try it. Talked about it yesterday, said to my boyfriend "Red Bull or someone should sponsor us, at the con, think how many energy drinks we`re consuming"!! Seriously!!
  2. Verapamil is one of the meds that scared me. what happened to me was not good. I started on the lowest possible dose, which is nothing really. First my hands and feet's got white and cold, when i say white i mean white. Then i got bigger and bigger and bigger, i got bigger for every hour almost. My pulse was down at 38 per min, i couldn`t walk more than a couple of steps cause i couldn`t breath and had no strength. After 5 days i could barely stand up straight my lips and nails turned blue and all i wanted was to sleep. Same thing happened with other beta blockers, only i stopped the treatment sooner. Never again. My point with this is that i have a very low pulse and i tried ask the specialist how blood pressure meds would affect this, not a problem was the answer. What frightens me most is the fact that they still think i should try every blood-pressure med i haven`t tried yet and they refer to Magnesium supplement as "dangerous", cause we do not know what scary side effects supplements like this can cause.
  3. Let`s hope for cheap tickets!! Thank you so much everyone for the support you give, thank you Big hug to you all!! Tingeling
  4. Welcome Read and ask whatever you want. We will be here for you. Painfree wishes from me Tingeling
  5. Norway, originaly South Korea. I have a question also, asians, are there any asians or anyone know about any having CH? Come to convention!!!
  6. Hi So most of you who know me for a longer time, you know how my sit was like when i found CB. I have worked my way trough many different alternatives. Don`t know if it`s a combination of treatment increasing in efficiency over time, me gaining more weight and in general being more healthy, also cause of treatment. It seems as i can now control CH with just RC seeds. If we asked a doc, he probably would have said it was just cycle that naturally ended or changed to the better. I don`t think so, i mean, nothing worked, not one thing. In the beginning it was enough for me to do some laundry and stuff. After awhile i had enough energy to be social, a time after that i even took a chance and did a flight, that was May 09 i joined in Sep 09. As time went i had control over my house again without the feeling of struggle, i could follow my daughter around whenever, all the normal things. So i started decorate my house more, things that shows your personal capacity has improved. This year if i go to Amsterdam as planned and counting in my Chicago trip, i have done four flights. I go to gym almost everyday, two times a week i do double classes, 1h body pump and 1h spinning. That`s awesome. Yesterday i took my daughter out to a movie and had pizza afterwards. Before this would be a problem. First of all getting enough strength to do it, then sit down for over an hour watching blinking light, people for some reason think they need loads and tons of perfume going to cinema. Well you all know, all these triggers. Yesterday when i did this was just like any other sat with my family, a great day But it got me thinking, cause someone was making a beach in the middle of the street, making a volleyball court. I need an update. I don`t been "gone "for so long, but more or less totally for 6-7 years, pretty isolated as well. I don`t know all my options in a way. There`s allot of festivals where i live in summer time, haven`t been to one. Not cause i didn't want to, just haven`t been well enough. Also i have a feeling that comes and goes, a feeling that i need something more or something else or i don`t know really. Thinking it might be the feeling of having more personal capacity, so now that i manage my everyday life again, there`s room for something new. I think it`s time to start update my life, i need to explore life in new ways, i need to grow. Incredible, "just" cause i joined a internet forum. Just amazing My daughters life and my life got changed cause of you folks. Thank you everyone, thank you a million times Really hope i will meet you all at conferences in the future!! I`m sorry i haven`t been much of a help in here lately. There`s been allot of things on my mind, but i never stop thinking of all of you. Sometimes i just log in, just like to see the CB logo and knowing your all there in a way. Like it`s good to come home walking into your house, it`s good to log in here. My best best wishes to everyone, you all deserve a good life, your not mainstream, your one of very few people who spends time helping others. That make you special. See ya all in Chicago Hug from me Tingeling
  7. Yeah i really hope so. Well i mean they have to.... Thank you folks for being here
  8. tingeling


    Hi A friend died last night. He jumped out of a taxi when in speed when he was hit by another taxi and got killed in the middle of the night. I find it odd. He had been a witness in a case(it was a good thing he did) and it was said that he wasn`t safe. I find it really odd. Can`t see why he should jump out of a taxi first of all. It`s sad, he just got his life back on track, it`s like everything always happen when you don`t expect it at all. He was a man that loved to fish and have a beer on sunny days. And cause we don`t have much of those days here, he always hoped for it and run out the door immediately if anyone could see some sun. He lived here and now. Take care everyone Hug from me Tingeling
  9. No. usualy i feel a bit stuffed in my head, but not much else. You may excperience post dose hits, or not. Good luck
  10. I been on the hunt the last two autumns. This year i already look forward to autumn, to go hunt. It`s really interesting. Where i live, i go for the one that is easiest to identify. When i started i made prints of every single one to learn. It`s fun work, but we have to be very careful. There`s allot of things to think of when hunting shrooms.
  11. I would ask a trusted identifier on a mushroom forum, like Shroomery.
  12. I told my boyfriend about you Michael. I said "if michael can quit Methadone, you can quit cigarettes". He agreed to that. So you inspired him to stop
  13. Hi Narelle How large has the doses been? Did she detox etc. You should listen to Ron, don`t ever give up. Some do better right away, some like myself need more time. Tell us and we will help, that`s why we`re here. Ron, no problem, as long as you feed me with cake That`sounds great Leslie!! Maybe your accident was after CH, you never know. I had cake for you as well. True, so true. Happy your back as well
  14. 10 left side(Ch side), 8 right side. what is a bit odd is that i scored more left side last time i tried and i was not doing good at that time.
  15. Your thoughts make sense to me. Are you to be found at the conference?
  16. Hi Michael May Sarton Without darkness Nothing comes to birth, As without light Nothing flowers. This tough time you face now, make better times grow. Really hope to meet you in Chicago. Since your father and Hipshot are kind of busy together, you and me can go have cake My best wishes to you. Tingeling
  17. I do. i tried change it, cause for a time i wondered if it could trigger something, but i ended up on CH side no mather what i did.
  18. As long as it is cake or ice cream, i buy it ;D It`s lot of chocolate, but it`s easy to eat actually ;D
  19. We`re not close to eachother at all in our family. My sister and brother and i have been each others supporters as we had a difficult time in our home. I`m the youngest, so i was in a way left to myself for some years, untill i moved to a youth center when i was 15. We do not meet our parents often. So this gonna be a challenge in many ways. I have been thinking of you all when i was away. When something funny or whatever happens, i think "oh, i have to tell the folks on the board", and can`t wait to see what happens with you folks. I guess it`s cause you folks understand how it feels to feel as the luckiest person ever when your able to eat cake and ice cream. I loooove cakes and ice cream. Being able to be in such heat without getting hit is just wonderful, we had up to 38 degrees. For a Norwegian, that`s HOT!! Humidity was very high as well. Running has been a huge huge trigger for me, but i have been running and had step aerobic everyday without problems, and doing that in such heat, well, it`s just amazing. Eh.... Also i bought 2.9 kg box with chocolates.... Taste gooood ;D This have been a two week rehab to a normal life. Nice. In Turkey, they have met allot of Norwegians. But not a Norwegian from Korea ;D Very odd feeling when people come just to look at you, like everywhere you go :-? Same thing happened in Bulgaria actually. More people have seen one, as they said it, in Instanbul. There`s a war museum there and asians come there to visit, as Turky and Korea have war history together. Turkey helped South Korea in the Korea war, joining United Nations Forces. So i gotta look for a skinny Texan hitting on a Mexican in Chicago? Something tells me it won`t be too hard to find the two of you ;D Thank you for being supportive Mystina, Dan and Ron. Big hug
  20. Hi I`m back from my holiday, the best holiday ever. I been eating cakes(everyday without getting hit) and wonderful food for two weeks now. We had a great time. We was flying trough thunder and lightning on the way home for a long time, and i got hit. Totally ok with that, bad weather is bad when being on the ground so. I see there`s allot of threads to read up on, and i will do so but it might take some time. I just got a telephone and my mother has been operated for cancer when we was gone. She`s in the hospital still and she`s gonna go through radio and chemotherapy. I have one sister and one brother. We`re not very close, but as we share the same background or what you can call it, we stay together when it is necessary. My family situation has been very different from the "usual" family, and still is. It is difficult. This situation will be challenging in many ways. I`m not really sure how i will handle this, it will bring allot of "old wounds " and feelings to the surface for us the three of us. We rarely meet. Everything happens for a reason, time will show. I got a bit scared during the flight, i had to take a Imitrex shot and for some reason i got afraid of my heart and blood vessels in my head, thinking about pressure being on a plain and what nasty shit Imitrex is and the effect you feel on your body when taking it doesn`t say "good for you", it made me think back. In despair i used to go around thinking if someone told me "if you cut your right arm off, your pain will go away". I`m right handed, so i thought that "ok, i can always learn to be left handed". As i always loved to run and do all sorts of sports, i always thought being stuck in a wheel chair would be the worst thing that could happen, and that i would loose all will to continue it that happened. But being stuck in a well working body, cause of a horrible pain, in the end i thought it couldn`t be far away from the same feeling. Day in day out, pure pain that traps you inside your house and make you a shadow behind the curtains. Living against your wish, you just don`t seem to die from it for some reason. I think we all have been afraid of stroke during a high kip, i have at least. But after awhile, i hoped for it to happen. I hoped for brain tumor so i could do something about it or at least i would die in the end. So i found i didn`t have to be afraid, i found strength gained from CH. And i don`t have to be afraid now. I can use my experience in this situation in my family as well. Past is past right now, the situation needs us all to grow. I send all my best thoughts and wishes to Michael, don`t give up, one day this will be a chapter to look back into when you need to pass on strength to others or yourself. You will grow. Scott, i hope your stomach is better by now, and that you will find out how to treat your headache. Will read up on the board soon, right now i need to take care of different things, and i came home at 5 this morning. PFW to everyone from me Tingeling
  21. It`s the best thing ever!! I had no sign today either, so i don`t know what to think. I brought RC seeds with me as well. Thank you all so much, going for dinner buffe now Take care and be happy!! Big hug from 32 degrees 8-) Tingeling
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