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    tune for you

    LOL, my first big concert was a Ozzy concert. Brutalized is the right word, literally. I`m 155cm high, 45kg. Thought it was fun to stand in the front, instead of being higher up and have a seat(was offered a seat and said no thank you....). Not a great idea, not at all. Luckily a guard cathced his eyes on me and i was carried out and lifted up to a seat place. I actually thought i was going to be squeezed. ;D
  2. Jeff, i have experienced exactly the same changes as you. Nice, isn`t it? Like instead of looking for the key and unlock it all the time, all of the sudden there`s a slidedoor
  3. Hi Anybody living in Tyrkey? I try find out if HBWS or RC seeds can be found in Tyrkey? PFWF me Tingeling
  4. I got some 2c-i, i trust the person who gave it to me. It`s tested by others i know. The reason why i didn`t try it is that once i tried Phenylpropanolamin to try stop CH, it made it so much worse. 2c-i belongs to the same family believe? That is why i got a bit sceptic. Maybe some of you who obviously are into this so much more than myself could tell me about this?
  5. tingeling

    "The Beast"

    You described it so good i felt the words as i read them.... Thank you for being here Agent.
  6. I been wondering about 2c-i and 2c-b. If DMT work, then those could work as well?
  7. Dan, 9 months!!!? That`s like a pregnancy to wait.... Too long.... Looking forward to see this
  8. Hi and welcome Richard I see you got good help from our crazy crew here ;D Just want to ask if you know what your triggers are? If you eat and sleep right, this helps your situation more than you might think. Just ask what you want. My best wishes to you Tingeling
  9. Simple answer, "I watch while you try it first".
  10. Hi I was chronic for 7 years. It seems as something magic happened, i am totally pf now. When i found this site i started to read all i could find of Flash`s old post`s. What he said about chronic`s was that he rec to bust every 5 day to start with. He found the 4-5 days as the most critical ones, if CH rambled up again he rec to dose again. Then stretch to 7, 9 etc. I have followed this, also i stayed "pure" from refined foods, held a reg sleep pattern, all those things. It worked for me. When i came here, i was to exhausted to detox, i couldn`t do it fully and busted. It didn`t work the way it can work, but it work. It worked good enough so that i could detox. In the beginning i had a hard time, i actually busted every 3 day. After a couple of bust`s i could wait 5 days. Stayed there for awhile, same with 7, 9 days. Stayed at 14 days longest i think, after that once a month got to be routine. In between here, you get stronger both physically and mentally. When that happens you`re strong enough to keep it up on some rough days, cause waiting for the bust to settle is very important as i see it at least. Listen to your body, it will tell you what to do When i came here, i felt so down and alone. The support and help i got from all this wonderful people have given me a new life. I really mean that, everything is changed, in a good way. So feel great hope, this is a turning point in your life I wish you all the best in the world and pain free days Tingeling
  11. Happy birthday!!! Hope you had a wonderful day Sending good thoughts in your direction. See ya, Tingeling
  12. Ok, didn`t find anything like that. Biggest problem is that my nose is stuffed though.
  13. Find another doc!! this is just not acceptable!!!
  14. This mask i got has an "cushioned air ring", it sits abs tight. Found this ineffective, as i couldn`t get air trough my nose at all almost. But i will try more!!
  15. It`s this big big boat, goes between Norway and Finland
  16. Yes yes yes. Doesn`t always have to be the rain, i often joke about i`m allergic to sunny nice weather. Easy with trex i would say, it loose it`s effect if you use it that much. In my experience at least.
  17. No, what`s that? I tried Batch`s vit d, mag and lemon juice. The way i see it, high cycle is helpful. When we do better and better, it is easy to forget how bad it was. Then we or at least i can easliy start to take all kind of things for granted again. I need a "knock" to keep my feets down to the ground once in awhile. It should not to be taken for granted to go out and breath in that clear fresh air everyday. It`s been long since i let my daughter down. I had to yesterday, on a sunny bright spring day. Very sad. Esy to spin down in neg thoughts like that. In stead i could enjoy the thought that this happened like one or two times since i started this treatment. And she was out all day with her friends and didn`t care at all. I feel very grateful that life is so good Big huge cyberspace hug right back
  18. Hmmmm.... You seem to use what i use. I used mask before, didn`t do a thing. But i had too big mask. I`m very tiny, but they always forgot to give me childrens mask. Now i got one little mask that covers just nose and mouth, also it sits tight enough to my face. BUT guess what, never tried it. First thing after logging off, gonna hook it right up!! Thanks allot
  19. Hey!! How wonderful ;D Norway here, not that far away. Been visiting Finland, with the "Wasa Queen".
  20. Hi When i started to use triptans it made everyhting worse in my opinion. But, at the time i was given them i was thankful. I try not to use them now, but once in awhile i got to. Sometimes we have to say stop to how much pain we should put our selves trough. But what stops me most times is that i know what it brings with, for me it means a burning pain that lasts for hours. It make me want to take more triptans in the end. I would try keep it as "clean" as possible. My best wishes to both, painfree days Tingeling
  21. Are we gonna see you Lee Ann, in the documentary? Your such a big part of this.
  22. Well, my neck went mad yesterday, i cannot move it in any direction. Along with no sleep. High cycle is here again. So i guess this match very good. I haven`t used any SSRI`s. Doesn`t seem i manage to break it down at the moment, need to figure out a trick. Will see, life continues anyways. Crazy enough, it always does I get this as well. Thanks allot folks PFW from me Tingeling
  23. Well i had all the symptoms of an attack, and i litteraly turn green often. I scare my surroundings when i do that ;D Actually they get scared. And yes i have migraine but as with you it doesn`t show up now. But i also had the other things you said here, so "silent migraine" may be the thing
  24. Hi Do anyone get disturbances in vision, getting something like aura? I see small strips like gold flying things, it comes from nowhere and last for some sec. Also i been dizzyy for some days. Also, do you folks get almost a green color in face? I get that sometimes, it does not look healthy at all. Scared myself this morning ;D Painfreewishes from me Tingeling
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