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    Had it!

    Your a good man Jeff
  2. I took it at the onset. Metamina worked much better than Ritalin for me.
  3. tingeling

    Had it!

    Glad your both here
  4. tingeling

    Had it!

    After living with you and experienced you having ch she do not understand your need for medicine?
  5. I found that in a journal from the Mayo clinic, it was sort of end of the line treatment. Or it said it should be end of the line treatment for rhose where nothing seemed to work.
  6. Benadryl does the same thing for me. I never been helped by antihistamines, Benadryl is not sold in this country. But a sweet person sendt me and they worked wonders.
  7. Hi Everyone do feel a bit down or something like that. sometimes a little laughter is all we need to brighten our day. So i was thinking we need a thread that makes us laugh. Like yesterday when i was in a hurry and tried to look nice. I bought this hair powder everyone seems to use use nowadays to get volume to the hair. Shake it like a salt shaker it said on the back. Bending my head forward and started to shake that cute little pink shaker. all of the sudden it hit me, damn.... this thing here is white isn`t it.... and my hair is black.... Very correct, that powder was white. I had no time all day to wash it out and also i think i had been overdoing the use of it, so i walked around all day with something that looked like a really bad dandruff problem. A friend told me to rub it in my scalp, like that was the problem.... that made me look like i never brushed or washed my hair ever. After a couple of hrs i realized i had white dandruff looking stuff down on my back and pretty much over my upper body. Nice, maybe i will wear it when i come to Chicago, to look extra fresh. Positive thinking is so important for everyone, especially for people who lives with something chronic like we do. Or find it difficult to know what to do when you all of the sudden feel better. It`s not always that easy to know what to do with all that free time all of the sudden, even if it feels great. This has occupied years or months at a time for us. This dog i met on vacation. He made me come back everyday, just cause i liked the way he looked. He had a funny behaviour and really, look at him, you just have to love him. I`m not too funny, but i bet you folks are. Let`s start some laughing ;D PFWF me Tingeling
  8. I have used Ritalin and Metamina to abort CH attacks. It helped me great in shorter periods. But as i was very underweighted and i lost kg after kg using very small doses it wasn`t a good solution for longer periods. but for me it worked.
  9. I experienced this with LDS, shrooms and seeds. IMO it`s us, it`s just the way it is sometimes. But, when i have experienced it, it has been when i been in high cycle and also in the beginning when i started this treatment. For me, i need some busts in a row, wait five or three days and bust again.Your a chronic and in the beginning, maybe you should consider to try another alternative, after all, it is hunting season. And also we live in the same country. If you do not wish to try other options yet, try again with the seeds. Don`t give up, you just need to find out what dose you need, or what alt that works best for you. Don`t give up, this attempt is not disappointing, it`s a first try and the start to a new life. Remember, i was chronic for 6 years. Dan (hipshot) as well. Just tell me, pm me or call me My best wishes to you Tingeling
  10. Melatonin helps for some yes. But detox it before busting. What Jeff says. After i started busting, my life is very changed to the better. Feeling angry and all that is more or less gone.
  11. Hi I don`t think mushrooms show up on a reg drug test no. Anyway, it`s out of your system very fast. Wouldn`t worry about that. When i feel my head is "confused", i take large doses of vit B2. Up to 200 mg. I think it helps me to think consentrate better. Your right, headache isn`t really describing this condition very well.... Have you tried holding a ice pack on your head and drink energy drinks like Red Bull or Monster? Drink it fast once you get a sign of an oncoming attack. Ask what you want, or complain if you want. We understand PainFreeWishes from me Tingeling
  12. woops. Double bed. That's like a room for two? I have double bed also. Thought it was a big bed...
  13. I really worked for getting intravenous magnesium here where i live. Impossible. When i ask why i get the answer it`s so risky. But a cocktail (the word they actually use for it) containing Pred and this and that of variuous things with bad sideeffects, that`s not risky? Then i got the aswer "it`s just the way it is in Norway". Irrititating, i want to try.
  14. Come on come on come on!! (you know what song i mean?)
  15. Happy birthday!!! Hope you had a wonderful day Hug from Tingeling
  16. I had several concussions at young age. One being older. Also i was hit by a car, that worsened the hole thing for a long time.
  17. My God Denny, hope you had some cloths on as you landed on your knees.... ;D I experienced all over the head shadows, or how you could explain it. Sometimes i have felt like when it was on it`s way to "leave" one side, it started to shadow and to funny things on the other side or like a all over feeling. For me, busting always took care of it. Good luck!! Tingeling
  18. I didn`t dream for many years, or maybe i just didn`t sleep long enough to start dreaming cause of attacks. I don`t know. But i started to get really awful nightmares after those years. Nightmares where i was awake in a way st the same time. Now i only get these very vivid dreams when i go into high cycle. If a bust should trigger a cycle, or give you post dose hits, then you could just do another bust or two? Not that complicated really, give it a try Good luck to you and let us know how it went and how your doing!! My best wishes Tingeling
  19. BTW, check out my blog!! Just do it, i will continue to nag about this as long as i got only 1 follower... LOL ;D
  20. Crush 50 of them with a hammer, soak them for two hr in water or orange juice f ex and drink it all on an empty stomach. Go to bed and sleep like a baby. First times i slept in the same potition all night and woke up confused cause i slept for like 9 hr straight. You should detox for 5 days, but you don`t absolutly have to, but then it might work not that good. But maybe good enough for you so you can handle full detox the next bust. Good luck!! tingeling
  21. Hi So i added a gadget so it`s possible to follow by email, c`mon folks!! Feels stupid to post on my blog to one person!! http://bustingting.blogspot.com/2011/08/blog-post.html
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