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  1. Thank you Brad And the same right back at ya!!
  2. Yeah this is high cycle time. High cycle is every time season change for me, but this one is particularly bad. But this time it`s just dose time and life continues. Love it!! Thank you K!!
  3. What a beautiful lyric Ricardo Thank you for sharing:)
  4. The sun'll come out Tomorrow So ya gotta hang on 'Til tomorrow Come what may Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya Tomorrow! You're always A day A way! I think you all know this song don`t you I have been not so good but i will be so much better tomorrow. Hope everyone can feel this way when the beast strikes you after a good period. To me it is just a reminder how wonderful life is and how wonderful all of you are. A normal routine, boring life is just so exciting and wonderful to us. How lucky we are!! PFW and a big hug to all Tingeling
  5. Hahahahahaha!!!! We all get scarred from it ;D
  6. YEAH!! I been meaning to upload this. It`s SO funny!! LOL ;D
  7. So happy for you Jimmy!! Never heard about it before. I have no clue.
  8. Your cycle is busted!!?! Wonderful to hear so I get difficulties breathing, like i swell up inside my throat and it get worse and worse every bust, in the end it didn`t go away to the next bust so i need to do it as seldom as possible. CrossFit is my hobby. i just LOVE it!!
  9. Hi I`m not sure what it is if it`s a coincidence or what, but after i started Astaxanthin i do very well. Haven`t had anything that could build up to a hit over a month. The time of year we`re in should be awful. It may sound weird that i think a antioxidant should help, but if you read about it, what it does in your body it is logic it may be beneficial to us, like Russian Root together with Schisandra. Or just Russian Root. I don`t know, but i know it does something for me at the moment at least. It seems i developed some kind of Asthma/allergic reaction from the seeds and shrooms, so i look for alternatives so i can stretch the time in between the alternatives. Time will show how this will work out Also i got myself a hobby i like that much it feels like it`s what i always have been looking for. Life is in general and overall good The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. - Hellen Keller Wishing evryone the best in the world!! Hug from me Tingeling
  10. Oh i get a bit crazy over this subject. Cause no matter what i believe or others belive or think or whatever, what really gets me in the end is the fact that no one can answer!!
  11. How can anyone NOT believe in chronic CH? Aren\t you like a living proof?
  12. Yeah i tried and he answered there is no visible indication what so ever that i have to high testo levels. That is why i can`t get it checked and i would very much like to show him this info The good thing with him is that when he get the info he takes it seriously.
  13. Thank you. I will bring this to my doc.
  14. i mean like it is dangerous or anything?
  15. What is the problem if there is a problem with having a little bit high testo levels?
  16. Many years ago i asked for Imitrex injections, as the pill form didn`t work for me. "Oh no that`s for the severe cases". LOOOOL ;D ;D ;D
  17. What Jeebs says!! I don`t trust doc`s at all. When i brought info about O2 written by The Linde Group, Head doc of Neuro answered me this "Don`t believe everyting you read on the internet". LOOOL ;D
  18. FE...... How come you upload pic`s all the time!!? Tahnk you Jeebs That tall guy in the middle didn`t have anymore energy to roll his pants leg, if he had tried to do that he would have to use that bucket ;D Doing the last exercise jump squats, he barely managed to go down and he didn`t came up again in standing position ;D I had so FUN!!
  19. Hi I have just finished a 2 h Cross Fit workout with the most positive people ever, only persons i know of that have that positive attitude is you folks, this group. Now a days i find myself a place where my daily life feels very easy, special occasions feels easy and like a plus in my life. Everything that felt like a fight and a struggle before, in fact that much fight and struggle that i stopped doing most of it, now it feels natural and great. I feel so content. My life is so good. All the wonderful people i got to know lately make my life rich. Tomorrow i will meet a situation that would make me very much stressed days before. But i have peace of mind now, it is OK. Not sure if it is a coincident but whatever. I used Astaxanthin and that works as a Antihistamine's and also it may have a positive effect on neurological conditions among many things. Started out with heavy shadows thinking i had to bust soon, but no use to try anything out if i do a bust so i didn't. Day by day shadows got less and less and lighter and lighter and disappeared. could be coincidence but who knows and whatever it is i don`t care as long as i`m good. But i didn't even use energy drinks to do it clean so i can tell if it works. Maybe it can be a supplement to use in between to stretch out the time between busting. One more tool like Q10, Taurin etc etc. This is some of the CrossFit group http://bustingting.blogspot.com/ Tried to upload a picture but it is impossible. But it is in here. Now my sincerity is gone!! LOL, kidding ;D Thank you for being here and spreading a positive spirit!! Wouldn`t have done this today if it wasnT`for you Go busters!! :) Tingeling
  20. Yes i do that and i can`t see there`s any interactions between these two.
  21. Hi Welcome Snorting Zomig sounds so horrible i can`t imagine... Have you tried Melatonin and Benadryl as well? Work pretty well for some. Glad youre here PainFreeWishes from me Tingeling
  22. Hi My life is so great thanks to busting!!! Check it out what i allows me to do!!! Whiiiiiii http://bustingting.blogspot.com/ Thank you everyone for making this possible by being here and then spread the word. Thank you folks Love from me :-* Tingeling
  23. Hi Jeebs gave me a link to a site about nutrients and exersice, that was interesting!! I found a antioxodant very interesting not only cause it benefits the workout but it can maybe do something for CH. Astaxanthin reduces inflammation from all causes. A bit more than D3 actually. That would benefit us CH`ers. And maybe also it may help reduce the swellings some of us get. I work out extra well togehter with Omega 3, fish oil. SO, gonna have some beef, Astaxanthin, omega 3 and co enzym Q10. This will be a very powerful mix i think. GO CROSSFIT!!! ;D Hopefully it helps CH, excited to see how this will work out. A big thank you Jeebs Here is the link from Jeebs. http://fitness.mercola.com/sites/fitness/archive/2011/09/11/why-muscles-are-sore-after-workouts.aspx PFW to all Tingeling
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