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  1. Hi Once in awhile our eyes catches a moment that are truly wonderful and magic. Those moments make the time stand still, unexplainable but they do not need any explanations. Years ago i met this man at the playground i used to bring my daughter. He opened up and told me about his fear of not being able to be the man he wanted and needed to be for his wife, daughter and his two newborn twins. They had no family living near, so they didn`t have any help from anyone. He was so scared. I have been wondering about him many times. Lately more and more, cause i have never met him after that day. Today, driving in my car with the sun shining in the window, playing Vivaldi my eyes catched a man and three children. The children was smiling and screaming in joy, soaking wet, as what i assume was their father was splashing water at them with a garden hose. He was smiling and they were all looking so happy. It was a glimt of happiness. And it was that man from the playground!!! What a happy moment to be allowed to be a part of. I am so grateful for that. Out from nowhere i been blessed to get to know a person with so much depth, wisdom, compassion and understanding i never knew could excist in one person. That person gave me this song. And as always, you folks are the first and only place i think of when things like that happens. Magic happenings belongs to a place where magic happens. I love you folks so much I am being challenged, i need to go places that have been closed and i do not remember how it looks behind those closed doors. But i do know i need to open them to live life as full as i`m supposed to. I`m at a crossroad and i am very scared. But this time i choose the new path. My world is expanding and it all started here. Please listen to this beautiful song that was shared with me cause i so much want to share it with you. I wish you all, all the best life can bring you. Let it into your life Hug from me Tingeling
  2. Hi I totally avoid artificials like aspartam and MSG, it really helps me. It`s not tha hard, it`s just an adjustment. Good luck!! All the best to you from me Tingeling
  3. Sorry you have to deal with this.... My best wishes to you Ting
  4. Your my best friends who listen, lift and supports trough lauhgter, tears, pain or whatever might come into mine and others lives. That is really amazing Jeff, that sounds fun! Thank you my friend Thank you folks Hug from me Ting Ps. Might see u i Vegas
  5. Hi I just split up with my boyfriend. He has let me down so many times. During my worst CH years i have actually been calling him, crying and begged him to come home and help me, to help me get something to eat at least. He refused, he wanted to be out and be drunk. That was 10 kg since then and it was just one example. What can i say.... I understand it but i wouldn't done the same thing. His family hates me. They think i ruin their family having CH cause i will not have another child. I can see how this is unfair to my former boyfriend, cause he do not have any children. But for me it is not fair to the child i already have to put myself in a position where i risk being as ill as i was her first 6 years. It wouldn't be fair to a new child and it wouldn't be fair to me. I do not wish it. They have treated me very badly for years now. This has been a journey. Most of you know bits and parts of what challenges i have trough in my life. This treatment redefined me. I have found myself. It`s been a progress, an exctiting journey, for two years now i have been travelling.I found self confidence and i believe in myself. And i had it with this shit so i fecking dumped him. Cause i`m worth something and i deserve to be appreciated. I moved into a room where it just feels good to exist. Life feels great, it feels great to be me. I am on my own, a little bit afraid but feeling very confident that i will be ok. It feels like past is past and my life starts now. Feels right. I have landed on the ground with my two feet's. From here i will make a new path Sara and me Thank you all for years with love and support. I wouldn't been here without you. Your in my heart for ever My love Ting
  6. oh hello.... Where`s my invite for this celeb party?! Norway`s calling Hello and have a gooood time 8-)
  7. Hi It`s night in Norway now. I went out on my terrasse to clear my thoughts. It`s dark and windy. I have some furnitures out there and as the wind was blowing around the furnitures it starting "singing" trough the pipes of the furniture. Magic. Beautiful A magic moment. Magic moments make you feel happy, content. And you know everything will be ok Share magic moments, it`s so wonderful PF hug from me Tingeling
  8. I went to bed and woke up the next day with cronich CH. Surreal.
  9. I only seen anyone used the bucket twice.... LOL!!! ;D I know, we are Crazy...... We get like hooked on Adrenal kicks! Spiny, we have waisted enough time or what... OMG!!! That is the coolest thing i ever!!! Well H*l yeah!!! Let`S stick to that! Thank you Spiny and Bejeeber
  10. I`m the one in black pant, black tank top and black hair in a pony tail. Cause of of broken ribs i do not have any weights on here beside the bar that`s 15kg. I been doing my daily workouts with broken ribs for 6 weeks now. But now it``s all healed and i will started doing heavy workouts again. This video is not the best ex how we do workouts, but it``s a sneek peek into my new life. I will make a video from the challenge as well. They made me a program i will follow for the next months towards the challenge. Excited Thank you folks, this is how much Clusterbusters changes life Go busters, go vit M ;D YAAAY!!! Ps. Bob, i`m very happy there`s google translate! LOL ;D Thank you, thank you all. This is personal victory. Huuug from me Tingeling
  11. Scott!!! How nice to read in this!! So happy for you. You really deserve this Be well
  12. Hi folks! It has been awhile since i posted. My life has has changed direction and i want to tell you folks how i`m doing, cause of you and this place here, the Clusterbusters board. Before i got this condition i was training for Triathlon. I was on my way and i was loving it. It was my dream, it was what i was breathing, eating and thinking. Then cronich CH came in my life. It destroyed me, physically, mentally. I didn``t respond to any medications, i didn``t get diagnosed. No need for dig any deeper into this subject, you all know how cruel this devil is. After 6 years cronich i was finally diagnosed. Believe it or not, that made me WORSE! Why? I was given Imitrex shots..... Suicide was my solution. Then i came here and it all changed. Since then, more than 2 years now, it just kept getting better. Not just improving CH condition, but every aspect of my life. For 2 years now, i have been building my life how i want it, giving my daughter what she deserves after all these years with CH. Repaired all the hurt we carry around after this trauma. I managed travelling to visit you folks in Chicago last year, i been flying several times visiting friends. I have been so blessed and i feel lucky everyday. Honestly, i really do. Around 5 months ago, i started doing CrossFit and i loved it! I didn``t think it was possible for me anymore cause of CH to challenge myself like i used to do. Now i am signed up for my first CrossFit challenge. I`m nervous, excited and very happy!! I will have to do a flight to get there, that`s the biggest challenge maybe. Cause i have to be ready for a contest, so guess i will need to fly in a week before, just to have time to settle. This is just details i will work out. This feels magic to me. This is a lost dream coming alive. I feel so happy it feels a bit unreal in a way, i can``t figure out how it all worked out this well!!! I prayed for getting better, not get rid of it, just improvement or some relief. I didn`t see all this coming ;D This is a big thing for me. I will need to focus really good. This also means i have to do what i can to keep CH under control. I want to do this. I`m gonna do this. I am doing it. I will succseed cause i want to. Nothing can hold us back unless we want to. A lost dream returns but in new cloths and all alive. Who get this much luck?! I want to thank you all, every single one of you. I am where i am today because of you. I do not mean to let you down in here and i want you all to know i think about this place and the people in here everyday. Cause your in my heart forever I love you folks Wish me luck!! GAME ON!!!! Hug from me Tingeling
  13. I know what you mean. Same thing with me. But now i get nightmares before i get high cycle. That is a healthy sign, i`m convinced.
  14. Yeah, your right about the nitric oxide thingy... Should be horrible to us. Read about that... I think what they mean is the effect you get that from it make your blood vessel walls more flexible, like f ex Q10, Schisandra and Magnesium also does. And that it also increases your O2 levels. Not really sure. Might be their trying to make it sound very cool. But if you read abbout the Dendrium and stuff, it is interesting, but i got to say, it was really odd drink. It did take away my heavy shadow. But i can`t understand this drink can be legal for very long, with these ingredience.
  15. Hi Found this drink i found interesting. From what i can understand, the effect for us CH`ers coudl go both ways, good or bad. Want others opinion before i drink this Ricardo, a question for you. You talked about nitro oxide boosts, this is a real nitro boost. What or why is this good? That is a heavy vasodilator? Does it give a positive effect if it`s done only once in awhile, cause in the long term the dilation gets to much? The drink contains Betain Anydrous, Dendrobium extract (stem)(concentrated for alkaloid content including Dendrobine, Dendroxine, Dendramine, B-Phenylathylamine, N,N-Dimethyl-B-Phenylethylamine, N,N-Diethyl-B-Phenylethylamine), B-Phenylethylamine HCI, Citramine (Concentrated for N-Methyltyramine, Caffein Anhydrous. So, here`s a couple of ingredience that i do know and that`s not and "active compound". nevermind about them. The first and the two last ones. Your supposed to do 1, 1.5 or 2 grams of this in cold water. Looks like one powerful potion to me. Could this be helpful for those who get great help from the seeds, but need another option to sweitch between? Would love others opinion!! Tingeling
  16. Maybe not so funny, but it gave me a warm feeling and a smile. That`s always worth allot Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. This is so true!! Have a wonderful evening Hug and good night Tingeling
  17. CrossFit it is!! 6 days a week ;D Thanks Spiny
  18. Well.... Benadryl wires me up... When i do Benadryl for allergic reactions when i do seeds, i cannot sleep. I thoguht it was the seeds, but when i did seeds the first times without Benadryl i slept trough it. But i do not need much sleep anyways, never did. That said, callin me hyper is what you could call an understatement actually. I have this neverending energy. But i kind of like it
  19. I know, but i often get the opposite effect from drugs. Have no clue why, just the way i am :-/
  20. You never slept? Metamina make me sleep, only thing almost that works as a sleeping aid.
  21. Hehehe... LOL, got a good laugh ;D Thank you Ron Doc`s told me i could get better with age. Or worse. LOL ;D Seriously, i think no one can tell.
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