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  1. 1. 23 2. Day one 3. 8 4. After busting yes. Pre no, but got high cycle low cycle. Same times every year. 5. Often 6. Imitrex, first shots i used. LSD, around 9 months. Shrooms 6 months, seeds around 6 months. 7. Exercise, Astaxanthin, Russian Root and Schisandra, Red Bull, Coffee, icewater. 8. Low kips every 3 hour. 5.
  2. OnDemand valve gives allot higher flow than a 25lpm does. I have 25 lpm regulator. I use a mouthpiece. I spend 3 l O2 in 8 min, i doubt anyone can huff in more than that. Nose part is not a CH treatment. Thanks you
  3. That said, it seems to me i`m at a point in the process where i do not need to bust. So it has done a job that`s just amazing. I see it as i do not need to bust if i got only shadows. If i can control it with herbs f ex, why should i go for the big ammo kind of thinking.
  4. Good idea and totally agree. I had this for 8 years and nothing seems to work well for a long time and no meds works at all. Busting helps but not like it helps most and it seems to have lost it`s effect so i`m off busting now for a longer period. Shrooms first lost it`s effect for around a year ago and even if i had a 6 months break i didn`T get any positive effect from it. Let`s hope the seeds only need a break. O2 is now hundred procent useless. BUT i do better than ever like in general in those 8 years. I do get some good results from Russian Root. As i`m afraid of "spend" the effect up, i do not use it for a long period of time. Same with the Astaxanthin, it helps as well. Togehter with a very routined life and eating very clean foods with no triggers and lots of exercise this works great for me. But it is odd, why is it like this.
  5. If i do nothing, like i just stay inside my house and relaxe for a couple of days and do a cig, then O2 will give some effect. I`m not frustrated, i\m just curious
  6. But my bloodwork are just fine you see. I had too little B12 but had B12 shots and i had too high numbers white bloodplates, that`s all.
  7. If you call this ranting you should have met me on a bad day. Sometimes i wondered if i was a total psycho, concluding (or hoping) that if i was i wouldn`t be wondering about it So don`t worry, we`re all the same in here Please, don`t keep it to yourself, we are here for you to share it with us
  8. I always bruise easily. They say i have some kind of blood failure but they can`t find out what`s wrong. I almost slept in from bloodloss during birth and a surgery. Why?
  9. Hi Odin Welcome to us, your sec family I don`t know what to say, you probably lived my life twice in age and sevral times more in experiences. But i can say we have the same experience with CH and how it makes you feel trapped, reduced to a shadow. I know. Fortunately, you can do something about your CH. Very happy you did sign up. This board is turning point in your life. We are here to help and support each other. Could you tell us what you tried and what meds your on now, if your on any meds? PainFreeWishes to you Tingeling
  10. D3 actually make me sick if i do it more than a day or two, i think it is cause it lowers my BP. But i decided i will do Kudzu Thank you David and Brew
  11. For me heavy cardio, or heavy exercise in general work in a positive way. When i`m in high cycle f ex the only pf time i get is during a workout. I think what Les mentioned here about the tissue being saturated with O2 sounds and feels right. If i do not do workouts i get ill . One day is fine, two days i start to feel crap and then the third day i get worse and worse. And that tells something about bodies O2 levels and how it effects head in my opinion. I always did cardio and lately i have been getting great results from the workouts. I found the most effective form for me, CrossFit. Lately i have hardly busted, cause it seems like it starts to loose it`s effect for real, first it was the shrooms and now the seeds. LSD i developed allergic reactions agains, i get angio edema and breathing dificulties, same thing started with the shrooms actually. So i`m doing a break from the seeds. Also the seeds seems to affect the lunges in a way, i`m a bit worried about that. But i haven`t had a high kip in months. I had a constant pain on the opposite side from my usual CH side for some weeks. But after doing Russian Root i`m good. But this O2 thing interests me, and i really wonder what there is to do about it. I manage fine without it but it would be easier to have it working of course Yes it is, have been thinking of that. What is an E cig? Is it what Pegg walked around with at the con? Tried that as well. Thank you B I just wonder about this. I tried figure it out for awhile, but no doc`s can answer me. But it seems to me the healthier you live and use your body more difficult the o2 treatment gets. Thank you all
  12. Hi I had some effect from O2 before. Not very good but some effect. I really had to maintan the effect, that means i needed to use it several times a day a couple of days before it started to do some work. I have a OnDemand valve and i empty a 3l tank in 8 min easily. I also got big 20l but the pressure works better in the smaller tanks. I tried every breathing techinque i know of and been recommended, it`s not the issue i believe. Now it`s useless. I have been doing heavy cardio excercise daily for a couple of months, i did allot of cardio before, but not like i did now. What is the problem here? Why is it like this? Can anyone enlighten me i will appreciate it allot. The only way i can have it to work some is to go and have a cigarette and go directly to the tank and huff. That is not healthy and nothing i like to do, cause i stopped smoking and of course i am not willing to start again. Can anyone help me? PFW from me Tingeling
  13. tingeling


    Hi Wecome here to us What the others say, get diagnosed. But i would like to tell you a thing. I got CH right after giving birth to my now 8 years old daugthter. I read somewhere it is a factor for CH to break through, just sayin. Hope you get diagnosed fast and please... don`t leave us, let us follow you. My best wishes Tingeling
  14. Hi This happened today. Today a man came and talked to me while i was jogging. He asked what i did for a living. I told him i do not work. He asked why and i told him i have a Clusterheadache. He answered "Oh you should do LSD, and they are working on a med, LSD without any hallucinogenic effect. I watched a documentary recently. I watched this man lying on a bed having severe pain, it was heavy shit. You should try LSD i think." LOL ;D What can we say? The Nat Geo show was SO helpful!!! Dan is the man!! Thank you Dan and family PFW to all Tingeling
  15. You`re here with us after being tortured by this pain. You land on your feets time after time. That is the daily proof you need, it shows you can do anything. Where you want to go, where you set the limits, it`s up to you In Norway we have a race, Norsemen Extreme challenge. It`s 400 m swimming out in the sea, they drop you off a boat in the middle of the night, 111.8 miles cycling in hills and then in the end a marathon. It goes higher and higher and in the end it`s mountain climbing. Whatever athlete you are, this is about will and mind power. Any of this people would beg on their knees experiencing CH. We are tough people. We should never never forget that. We are so strong. You are strong Shine on Renee My best Tingeling
  16. I save this as the big ammo. I used it two times and both times it given me around 7-8 weeks pf. Did a reg dose of seeds and a reg dose of shrooms. Yes i think the alcohol does a difference. But as the huge trigger it is i never use it except fromwhen i do that potion. Then i can tolerate it that one time. Been busting 2 years, so you could say i used it once a year. I use as little alchohol as i can, like a mouth or two.
  17. BUZZ, never doubt your welcome to contact me anytime. We are all here to help eachother. You should get a laptop, this place brighten you up and lift you more than you can imagine. This people in here gave me my life back. The love and support here are so strong. Our experiences gives us a different view of life i think. Many of us have a lone wolf personality it seems. Maybe also that is why this kind of support trough the internet works so well for us. Cause i think it does. 14 days is the most i could get for a long long time as well. And sometimes now i need to hit it harder as well. What is your busting plan?
  18. Thank you all. It is cause of all of you
  19. Hi BUZZ It is me, Tingeling. Happy to see you here. We CH`ers we are all in the same boat. Your not different from us. CH makes us feel crazy in very short time and you had this a long time. You can have your life back. When you do a bust, you will find yourself feeling very calm and refreshed after and you will feel you will be able to start picking up the threads. RC seeds actually works better for me than both shrooms and LSD. And it just give you a very good nights sleep. It is worth a try. Stick around us and it won`t be long before you will feel normal again My best wishes to you Tingeling
  20. Hi I know what you mean and i have been provoked, sad, irritated and so on more than once. One friend very recently said to me "i wish it will just go away one day". I explained how this kind of thinking works the opposite way for me. If i should go around thinking like that, every day wishing and hoping it would go away, every fecking day would be a slap in my face, and with that slap comes anger and grief over time. But of course, i did hope for this everyday for the first 6 years. No wonder i got depressed. I hoped for the next day, then next week, next month, next year and even next seven year, cause i heard your body changes every seven year So i told my friend i started to work towards happiness in a different way, wich lead to inner peace. I have never been better or happier. Her answer to this was "well, as long as your able to imagine yourself being happy without being it then it`s better for you than feeling sorry for yourself." LOL ;D I didn`t spend time trying to explain more. As long as people haven`t experienced being pushed this far into a corner, it is hard and impossible to understand what that person needs. When i wanted to commit suicide, i was thinking i better tell someone, i did and the aswer from this person wich is in my close family said "and what did you think i could possibly do about that?" I said "nothing" and she said "exactly." Other people being inexperienced or simply just not very bright or whatever, does not define you. You define you. Only you got the power to define yourself. What was one of my tools was and is this board. The people on this board is really here for you. When it`s night where you are, it might be day another part of the world. Or maybe a fellow buster is awake with you? More than once i experienced this. We feel isolated and alone sometimes, often i actually just open my computer and the board and have it open so i can see the board on the screen. Sounds weird maybe but it is kind of nice, cause i know many of the other members are doing the exact same thing. Your one of the people on this board, so you contribute to my happiness in life. One member on this board i often had my morning coffee with her for a long time. That means i drink my morning coffee while i email her or read trough an email she sendt me. It`s really nice Stick around and let us get to know you, there`s always a listening ear in here, and maybe you could come to the next conference and meet us all That would be nice as well My best Tingeling
  21. Might be, might be... LOL ;D Norway`s like the most conservative country ever. I fear they will not air it at all.
  22. Not sure how to say this right. I do not experience any anxiety or nausea or anything, i really enjoyed all kind of trips. BUT in very short time you get like finished with it, like your full and had your part of it. Even doing seeds now is like "oh just drink it you have to just do it and there`s really no problem with it." It will be better doing them in a week or in two days or etc etc. Excuses. And everytime there isn`t a problem, but it feels like "OMG now again." Pretty much tells us how much better we`re doing
  23. OOOOoooooh..... Want to see the show so bad!!!! Can`t find it in Norway!!!
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