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  1. Hi I`m on holiday, i just have to share something with you folks. Immidiealty after a flight, like the min i put my feets to the ground i get hit. Always, it made me scraed of flying, i have done it, but i had a real tough time the first week after a flight, that`s why i always go for two weeks at a time. After traveling for 12h straight, 4 h of flight and rest by car(huge trigger as well) i didn`t understand a thing, cause i had no signs of getting hit!! Not a weak shadow, nothing. I have been in 31degrees(heat also huge trigger), been eating chocolate and had a couple of cigarettes and i`m all good!! Not one shadow!! I`m amazed ;D Can`t believe it, i`m almost confused, but heeeey, how nice :) Ironically, this time i have 6 20l bottles in my hotelroom, lol ;D So, back to the buffe See ya folks, we have a gooood time. Wishing all of you the same. Big hug from me Tingeling
  2. Hi A friend of mine has a rough time, has been for many years but some periods are worse than others. Her "old friends" don`t see how i stand to be in touch with her, wich make me sad, cause do they really think they will "go clear" for the rest of their lives? Being left on your own in your worst period in life, that`s a tough one. In fact i think it might be what makes a person give up. It can make everyday feel as "one more day left alone in pain". I think we all can relate to that, i sure can. I see the desperation, i hear the desperation. It is very sad how people get driven into desperate actions, or thoughts of desperate actions. I can`t do much, except from make her some food and be there. Hopefully, one day she will find her way and blossom. I remembered one thing, many years ago i went to ER, after many hours of waiting i was told that this was just a headache and i wasn`t prioritized. If i wanted to i could sit and wait but she didn`t think they would let me in, also she ment i had been waiting for so long claiming ongoing headache for such a long time with almost no sleep, "no one get a headache everyday" she said. I went out and cried, then i got mad..... Went straight in the door screaming "what you force me to do now is to get out on the street and buy drugs, cause i have to do something about this pain and i have to sleep. You force me to be a criminal". My point is that this was exactly what i had been thinking for many days, to try get hold of Heroin. Cause i was thinking about everything i tried of pain meds, none of them worked, but maybe Heroin could take the pain down. And if i die, well then i don`t have to deal with this no more. This is how desperate we get. How is it possible no one recognize this desperate thoughts and actions? How and why do we get so blinded to other peoples pain? We found our way back to life, a cup of tea. Or some seeds. Who would have guessed. I wouldn`t in a million years. I think we have been given an excellent opportunity to see others, to care for others, maybe the neighbour next door. Pass it on Sorry, bear with me please.... ;D Have a wonderful weekend folks!! My best wishes to all of you Love and light Tingeling
  3. Childbirth with complications but i have some odd failure in my blood. I had a surgery 4 years later, they spent 3h just to stop the blood. It just keep running, but they cant find anything wrong.
  4. I slept in from blood loss once right before it started. I lost around 3l and i weigh 45kg and not higher than 155cm, so that`s allot of blood. I think that was a trigging factor. But i had head injuries as a child also.
  5. Been wondering about radiation from the soil where i live, electricity stations and wires, electronic`s and list goes on. Don`t do it so much anymore, cause in the end no one could tell me yes or no. But i still wonder, think we all do. Lets hope someone can give us an answer one time.
  6. Start clicking Mystina, and everyone else as well!! We gonna have a great time
  7. Well you know, we all need to sleep. After a dose you may feel exhausted, it can certainly be an exhausting experience in many different ways. When i dose i always look forward to wake up after a good nights sleep. There`s a good chance of feeling much better, and sometimes even refreshed. If you get some activity, it doesn`t mean it doesn`t work. Post dose hits are not unusual, but not everyone get them. But either way it`s worth it for the result you get in the end. Post dose hits, for me, has been less and less over time. Don`t be afraid of getting some sleep, it`s not the beast who`s in control anymore you know PainFreeWishes from me Tingeling
  8. Last year, when i turned 30, none of my family wanted to come when i invited them. Actually they had forgotten about it, this shouldn't be a surprise to me, but i have to admit it doesn't exactly make you feel very big. In the end a person in my family told me i should feel lucky, cause i could come to his birthday in a couple of months instead lol ;D Ok, this sound very much like self pity, and there was a bit of that. This year i started thinking about it and felt a bit down, cause they won`t come this year either, and in a way that`s better but i think it`s the feeling of it shouldn't be like that. So, i decided it`s my own fault if i feel bad about this day, i`m the only one who can decide what to do that day. I have the right to celebrate my birthday like everyone else. So, i put on Vivaldi loud and started baking. I made two big pans with pizza and different cakes. My daughter and my boyfriend helped me decorate the house with balloon's and stuff and i invited my friends, and my boyfriends family, they want to come and i`m grateful for that, and everyone that want to is welcome to come. Now i think my birthday gonna be a great day, i feel happy about it now I`m not looking for kind words and stuff like that, it`s just that sometimes, certain things you don`t feel like telling people around you, but i can tell you folks. And that`s wonderful. I appreciate and feel grateful for knowing all of you. Wish all of you could come to my house and have pizza and cakes with the rest of my friends. Would have been nice Yay, Chicago!!! so excited to meet all of you!!! Wishing everyone a lovely day tomorrow, it`s also Norway`s National Day, like 4th of Juli tomorrow. Gonna wake up to canons tomorrow Good night :-* PFWF me Tingeling
  9. Happiness is lying on the couch after a good meal, a good meal you chose cause you felt like it, not cause it`s one of some dishes you can choose between. To watch a movie without worrying about flashy pictures, open a bag of crisps and fill a bowl with candy. Happiness is doing this after being a mom, after gym class and duties, after a normal day. I roll up in my couch on a friday night and i feel lucky, i feel happy Thank`s to everyone, for all the support you give, for making me laugh and cry, for all the good advice you give and all the knowledge you share. Thank you for bringing life back, thank you for being here. May your dreams come true Love Tingeling
  10. Hi Welcome This is a wonderful place for us, it changed allot of peoples life, and saved many lives. It`s such an honor to be a part of this community, the support given from the people here are priceless. My best wishes to you Tingeling
  11. I will have the two of you on my mind. Light and good thoughts from me:) Tingeling
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DENNY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU Denny where are you? Miss you on the board! Have a wonderful day Hug from Tingeling
  13. Hi I had a conversation with this woman, she work with chronic pain patients. She`s at her last year of education, working at the hospital and she`s writing as an exam thing about how to help patients with chronic pain, to a life without meds, all that. My friend's told had told her about me and CH. We talked a bit and to my surprise she said "no not people like you, these are people who really suffers, not headaches. People in pain". In my mind i thought "how can you work at the hospital with people in pain at all". But, she does her best, it`s just that she doesn't know what CH is. As she talked about other diseases i started to think about the years before the actual headache, i`m really sure it starts long time before the headaches. So i`m wondering, can you relate to periods with diffuse symptoms without being like very ill, but still enough to make you wonder what`s happening? This is what i experienced: * Body aches, not muscular but it felt like it was in the bones or something. * Joint pains * Depression * Periods feeling very fatigue (without a reason) * "Light" headaches * Stomach problems/pain * Infections, various throat, ear etc. * Itchy skin/rash * Sleep, too much or can`t sleep * Feeling numb This started around two years before the HA. Anyone else who experienced something similar? PFWT all from me Tingeling
  14. Happy birthday!!! Thank you so much for all your doing, you save lives
  15. Great news!! Make me so happy
  16. Hi If anyone who travel to Chicago stops in Amsterdam around 11.00 sep 14, let`s hook up!! Tingeling
  17. Use Rc seeds. If tabs worry you cause of duration, forget about 2C-I, that`s also just an experiment. We don`t know anything yet. You can bring O2 on the plain as well you know. My supplier delivers in foreign countries as well, maybe check that out? Good luck to you Tingeling
  18. Hi kika You don`t have to worry about drinking Rc`s. You drink them, go to bed and you get a good night sleep. It`s easy and it has worked good
  19. No no, you can pick what month you want to be
  20. I had PTSD from other stuff happening to me in life. Been trying out all kinds of therapy and meds, nothing worked very well. This treatment worked it`s way trough it all and it doesn't seem i get a "fallback". My life is changed because of hallucinogenic`s. I`m a true believer
  21. Hi So nice to read your post!! Thank you for sharing your story, wonderful. Wonderful and just magic Go enjoy life, you and your family deserve it My best wishes from me Tingeling
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