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Oxygen traveling in Portugal?

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Hi all - I’m debating an upcoming trip to Lisbon, Portugal with family because I’m in cycle. You can’t fly with oxygen tanks so I can’t bring one with me. Anyone have any insight into how I can get one to have at my hotel room? I already emailed the hotel, waiting to hear back. I’ll bring my regulator and cluster mask. 

My cycle has been very very manageable (thank you RC seeds!!) and I pretty much just need Advil and ginger capsules to treat any CH activity I feel, however, I do have to hit to oxygen from time to time. And flying and time zone changes can really mess with CH!

Appreciate any tips and advice! 

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Generally, oxygen can be obtained in most major travel destinations.  Check with your O2 provider because sometimes they can make arrangements.  I guess the most common rental is a pretty unhelpful low-flow concentrator.

This site -- https://travelwithoxygen.com/travel-oxygen-portugal/ -- seems potentially helpful; and this one https://www.oxygenworldwide.com/en/where/countries/

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