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  1. When studies started being released showing Vitamin D having a dramatic, protective effect against COVID, it was such a relief knowing that I'd been pumping my body full of it for years! Finally cluster headaches did something good in my life
  2. I feel like many, many doctors (neurologists included) would be open to facetime/zoom appointments right now because of COVID. I had a zoom appointment with my regular doctor (not related to COVID) and it was pretty normal. I'd definitely spend the time looking up neuros that are covered by your insurance and just call their office and see if the doctor will see you via zoom. Worst they can do is say no. I really, really hope that your headaches can be treated with something as simple as indomethacin. That would be so amazing. Sending all my support <3
  3. I'm in NYC - would love to help with a cocktail party!
  4. I’d say this - sometimes attacks are going to come, and you’re not going to be able to rationalize it, to pinpoint some reason for it. Why do we have CH in general? I don’t know. Why did that particular attack occur? I don’t know. You should probably do the busting regimen (dose every five days) until you’re pain free. Otherwise, it’s a lot of guess work. I’ve never heard of D3 regimen making attacks worse or anything like that at all. Good luck to you! Hope you get lots and lots of relief very soon.
  5. Hi Rush! I ended up going the busting route to try and end this never/ending cycle! I’m using RC Seeds (you can see a very very detailed log im doing in the “share your busting” forum). I’m pretty sure this cycle has been busted, or is at least 98% of the way there! I actually just ate a giant bowl of cereal LOL. I decided tonight “I am so damn sick of this keto diet! I am going to eat a bunch of carbs and see if I get an attack!” Since I feel pretty confident the cycle is done/busted, I thought I’d try ending the keto diet. Hopefully I stay pain free! And yes, your cycle sounds just like mine!
  6. @Jteira - Thank you! If I can just order it online, I would probably do that though... LOL. A couple of reasons... 1) just easier, I don't have to do it myself. 2) their process/produce is probably more consistent / reliable than whatever I grew/harvested/etc. 3) my cycles typically come every 2.5-3 years, and I've heard the mushroom capsules lose their potency over time, so it would be a little difficult to time the growing/harvesting/etc. However, if I just did them regularly, like every 3 months or something, then I guess that would take care of that problem. Anyway - I'm not knocking it! If the RC Seeds don't work to prevent my next cycle, then my plan is to grow MM myself. However, I'm super intrigued by these latest products linked to above. It is also worth noting that I am not worried about the cost of the products, I know that might be a concern for some folks. Thank you for the info!! Wishing you pain free time
  7. I reached out to their customer service regarding dosing of their capsules. The bottle says each capsule is 125mg of psilocybin. That's not correct though... each capsule is 125mg of dried MM (not pure psilocybin). So, to take 1 gram of MM, you would take 8 capsules. I explained CH busting to them and they said a CHer would likely get better use from their gummies. One gummy is the equivalent of 1 gram of dried MM. 7 gummies for $66. So, I guess 7, 1 gram busts, for $66? Or 3 2 gram busts for $66? Now this has definitely grabbed my attention. I don't like MM because of the unpredictability of dosing. I one time ate a single stem and TRIPPED out. Other times I've eaten several mushrooms and barely had an effect. Plus, I've had to get them from "dealers". So, if I could order a product online that has a very predictable dosing / expected effect I would definitely do it.
  8. Wait... so you can just order psilocybin on the internet now?! And in very precise dosing amounts?
  9. Awesome - thanks! Anything any of us can do to help with that? Seems like a silly question... but it would just be great to do something.
  10. Is there existing research already showing BOL-148 effective at treating CH?
  11. I'm doing Keto and Vitamin D3 regimen. I've done Vitamin D3 regimen many, many times in the past. My cycles are normally 7 weeks. Right now I'm on week 9 (pretty odd for me). The first six weeks were a straight up walk in the park. If I felt a shadow, I would take two advil and a ginger capsule, lay down for 5 minutes and feel completely normal. By week 7 I was having to hit the oxygen. Now my days feel pretty standard compared to past cycles. I've been getting terrible attacks every other day, or every two days, and have lots of shadowing and "electricity" feelings around my eye and cheek bone most of the time. For the first six weeks I was saying "Wow. Keto plus D3 regimen is my silver bullet!" Now I'm wondering if it has made my cycle longer. But, ultimately I am grateful for the walk-in-the-park first six weeks and do ultimately believe it has been very helpful.
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