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If you're an Ebay seller, it's easy (and FUN TOO!!!  :D ) to donate a portion of your sales to Clusterbusters. You determine the percentage of sales to be donated on each item.

Clusterbusters is a certified non-profit with Ebay


Mission Fish supplies all the necessary tax donation receipts.

A couple of our members are already using this method.



an equal opportunity provider of donation alternatives ;-)

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MissionFish is now PayPal Giving Fund

100% of every donation will reach the nonprofits we serve.

Since 2003, MissionFish has been dedicated to helping nonprofits create new sources of unrestricted revenue by making it easy for people to give as part of their everyday life. In the nine years of partnership with eBay Inc., we have helped generate over a quarter billion dollars for nonprofits through the eBay Giving Works and Donate with PayPal programs.

Throughout this incredible journey, we have constantly looked for ways to improve our service and expand our impact. In 2011, eBay set up a new nonprofit organization – PayPal Charitable Giving Fund - to operate MissionFish and help further our charitable purposes. Since that time, the technical and operational support of eBay’s family of businesses has helped us realize unprecedented success.

Today, we are thrilled to announce a significant new commitment from PayPal that will have a tremendous positive impact on our efforts going forward. PayPalÂ’s financial support will enable us to deliver 100% of every donation we process globally. And, it is only the start of greater things to come. PayPal will be investing in further enhancements to our platform so that we might leverage the incredible benefits of their technology and payment systems to inspire and enable more giving around the globe.

To reflect PayPalÂ’s incredible commitment to our organization, and our common vision for inspiring and enabling more giving around the globe, we are officially changing our name to PayPal Giving Fund. We look forward to continuing our service to your organization under this new name.

Please note that we have updated our Nonprofit User Agreement and Privacy Policy to reflect these changes. Otherwise, your day-to-day site experience will remain unchanged, and you'll get monthly payouts just as you do today.

If you have questions, please contact our Community Care team.

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