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North Carolina peeps!


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Hi all! It’s been a long time. Happy to report I’m cluster and shadow free for almost a year now. Keeping my fingers crossed to continue this trend. My fiancé and I are taking the plunge. We are leaving FL and moving to Raleigh North Carolina! Looking for good recommendations for headache specialists or neurologists in the area and O2 suppliers. 

thank you! 

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Welcome to the Triangle! It’s been my home for many years and I love it! 

I don’t recommend Raleigh Neuro. They had a high turnover of doctors and I spent a lot of time explaining / fighting them on stuff. 


I’ve used them for my oxygen for years. They deliver and show up at the time they tell you their drivers are also very nice.

If they initially tell you it’s not covered, you may need to call the main one 800 corporate office first.


I highly recommend Duke Neuro. I see Dr. Timothy Collins at the Moreene Rd. Very knowledgeable. I haven’t see Dr. Mhoon, but he’s supposed to be amazing. 

They are likely a 6-10 month wait for new patients, so book now. They are worth the wait. 

I did see Hillary Yu at Duke. My social anxiety didn’t agree with her.


I can’t remember the specific doctor’s name, but I’ve heard good things about UNCs headache clinic. Give it a Google and you’ll find it.

If you have questions, feel free to text me. I’ll forget to check back here for responses. 919-218-3318


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