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An account is established for Clusterbusters at iGive.

If you're doing any online Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthday etc, shopping, please take a look at this. You can help support Clusterbusters while you're shopping.

You can use it while booking travel and lodging also.



A cool way to raise money, every time you shop online or search the web, and you should check it out:

http://www.iGive.com & http://www.iSearchiGive.com

I'm using iGive.com to raise money for Clusterbusters, Inc., every time I shop online at any of their 733 participating stores.

Up to 26% of EACH purchase through iGive benefits your cause, along with a penny (or more!) per qualified search at iSearchiGive.com. Make that first purchase within 45 days and get a bonus $5 donation, too

(Most aren't 26% but even at lower %s, it will add up.)

And when I search the web through iSearchiGive.com (a new search engine powered by Yahoo!), I'm raising a penny or more for my cause every time. Guess what, even window shopping can help! When I visit online stores through iGive.com, each visit counts as an entry in their $50,000 Surfathon sweepstakes where I can win a prize for my cause! They're giving away $1000 in prizes, every month through the end of the year! I hope you'll join me for more chances to win - just create your free iGive account and check out their stores. You don't even have to buy anything!

If you do happen to make a purchase through iGive within 45 days of joining, they'll donate an EXTRA $5 to your favorite cause! With 733 stores in the iGive Mall and the new iSearchiGive.com search engine, it's easy to find the things you need AND raise money for a good cause.


1.  Join iGive.com to support Clusterbusters, Inc.

It's free, safe, and easy to join.


Don't feel like registering?

Take iSearchiGive.com out for a spin and raise a penny (or more!) per search. Just visit http://www.iSearchiGive.com and type "Clusterbusters, Inc." in the "Select Your Cause" area

2.  Shop through iGive.com's online mall

    ~ OR ~

    Raise a penny search at iSearchiGive.com

The iGive Mall features over 700 trusted online retailers like Lands' End, Staples, NORDSTROM, JCPenney, eBay, Expedia.com, Barnes & Noble, QVC, & PETsMART to name just a few! You'll NEVER pay more when you reach these stores through iGive.com. And if you take advantage of the coupons and free shipping deals posted at iGive, you might even save a few bucks! Their newest service, iSearchiGive.com, is Yahoo!-powered search engine where each qualified search earns a penny (or more!) for your cause.

3.  Watch the $$ roll in for Clusterbusters, Inc.!

Up to 26% of EACH purchase through iGive benefits your cause, along with a penny (or more!) per qualified search at iSearchiGive.com. Make that first purchase within 45 days and get a bonus $5 donation, too! And the more stores you visit, the more chances to win a prize for your cause during the Surfathon!

Some additional info:

Thanks for choosing iGive.com, the easy way to raise money for a great cause every

time you shop online or search the web. Our mall features over 700 online stores

including Lands' End, Staples.com, JCPenney, Barnes & Noble, PETCO, Amazon.com,

eBay, & Office Depot! Every purchase you make through iGive.com automatically*

benefits Clusterbusters, Inc..

Raising money for your cause is easy at iGive -

just follow these 3 steps:

>> Step 1 - Shop through iGive.com, or search the web using iSearchiGive

Start your shopping at iGive.com: use the links in our online mall, our newsletter

e-mails, or the iGive Toolbar. You can also use our Yahoo! powered search engine

iSearchiGive to raise a penny (or more) per qualified search!

Those are the only ways to generate donations through iGive.com. If you do not go

through iGive.com when you shop online, we will not be able to credit the donation to

Clusterbusters, Inc..

Hint: Bookmark our A-Z List of 700+ Stores for easy access.

Having Trouble Shopping? Try our Shopping FAQs. If that doesn't help, contact us.

>> Step 2 - Sit back and relax (Donations are tracked automatically*!)

If you made a purchase through iGive, please allow 30 days (after the shipment date)

for your donation to be credited. For travel/lodging, please allow 30 days after the travel

date. Bookmark your iGive Shopping Report page for a quick list of your shopping donations.

Handy tip 1: Earn hundreds more for your cause by inviting your friends to join iGive

using your personal referral link:


Clever iGive shoppers include their referral links in their e-mail signature lines, blogs,

personal web pages, Facebook, MySpace, and the like. Also, our Tell-A-Friend feature

makes it easy to send multiple invitations to friends and family.

Handy tip 2: Our weekly e-newsletter contains coupons for you & donation opportunities

for your cause. It's our way of helping you help your cause. New members (like you) will

receive our e-mail automatically, but you can always change your e-mail subscriptions.

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  • 7 months later...

Well I feel silly.....

I thought I'd downloaded this awesome search tool months ago and that it was working it's magic behind the scenes!  Lol

I forgot the last step.  Complete all the steps until you actually see iGive toolbar (Clusterbusters, Inc shows up as a tab once completed)

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Double Donations this week!!

They are always adding new merchants so....check back now and then.

I do get a check from them every month so, THANK YOU to all that are shopping thru IGive


Bob, this week's newsletter is brought to you by Quill.com where 0.4% of your purchase* benefits Clusterbusters, Inc..

New Additions to the iGive Network

Costume Express (6% Donation*)

Shortcut + coupons: iGive.com/CostumeExpress

Reiss Clothing & Accessories (2.4% Donation)

Shortcut + coupons: iGive.com/Reiss

New Good Works Stories

Connie is this month's iGive Super Shopper!

Her recent iGive activity has earned over $150 in donations for her cause, Abandoned Animal Rescue. iGive merchant partner HSN is sponsoring this month's Super Shopper and will be sending Connie a $150 Gift Card! [More]

Gwen from Loving Animals Providing Smiles says:

"iGive has been helping Loving Animals Providing Smiles for over four years. LAPS is an independent, all-volunteer group based in Napa, CA . . . ." [More]

The UncommonGoods "Better to Give" program gives a portion of its sales revenue to non profit charities with an emphasis on community and sustainability! Since 1999, they've donated over $300,000 to worthy causes worldwide. [More]

The Breast Cancer Site is proud to be partnered with the nonprofit National Breast Cancer Foundation in its mission to save lives by increasing awareness of breast cancer through education and providing mammograms for those in need. [More]

Stats Summary

Total raised for all causes at iGive.com: $5,669,800.21


October Shopportunities abound! Check out our Halloween & Think Pink categories.




Shop at these or 900+ stores at iGive.com and do more good.


2% Donation*


$32 Donation*

Cheap Tickets

$1.20-$10 Donation*


5.2% Donation

Personalization Mall

7.2% Donation*


To manage your iGive.com newsletter subscriptions and format preferences, please click Settings.


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