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Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy

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Clusterbusters has been officially accepted as a full member of the (ADHA) Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy.


We believe this is a big step forward for Clusterbusters. Our admittance into the Alliance, which consists of some of the most prestigious cluster and headache specialists and organizations in the U.S., signals a willingness and desire of mainstream medicine to work alongside Clusterbusters.

I would like to thank all the people that have worked so hard over the years to make this possible. We have certainly come a long way. I would also like to specifically thank all the people that traveled with us and the Alliance to Washington DC this year. Everyone represented Clusterbusters and cluster sufferers everywhere, in a professional manner while displaying both passion and determination in their advocacy efforts.

We think this is an excellent opportunity to work with the Alliance and itÂ’s member organizations as well as some of the individuals to find new ways of helping cluster sufferers everywhere.

Thank You



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Do you mean in connection with Clusterbusters BB?

Here's something that's really exciting in terms of research & I believe may offer exciting possibilities for our patient group.....



Did you get the "Join us in Washington DC" Event email?  Some servers may have blocked it, but you can access the link by clicking on the link just below my signature statement in red  :D

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