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Our little ones grow up so fast.... sort of...


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Hi All;

I very wise man told me once "Relax, It's just a lowly fungus" and he was right. Thank You Dallas Denny! You are a true human being - very humane. I will always put you in my prayers

Before I begin-Special Shout Out THANK YOU to Dallas Denny, Bob W. and Ralph(sters). You three have pulled me from a pit of darkness. I still have a long way to go – but at least I’m going in the right direction now.

I am a wife of a chronic sufferer. For years his C.H.s has been getting worse. The most recent episode started August, 2009. In total about 5 days within these past few months he had a remission. ONLY 5 days out of 24 weeks. Stuck on opiates because he has nothing else. An Angel sent a care package. After figuring out the right dose/level he found relief for 2 days. The second time was awesome. Vit. C 1/2 hour before and/or a big spoon of peanut butter calms the stomach. What I learned was the goal is to get giggly! So don't be afraid.

My next post is a list of my highs & lows during my growing processes. I am very EXCITED that I am having some success.

I am sharing this in hope that someone reads my mistakes and does not repeat them. Time, patience and devotion are key ingredients. My devotion is to make medicine to save my husbandÂ’s life.

Also, to have a straight list of how, what, when and how muchÂ…. But start with watching the video!!!

Everyday he is ready to end it all. I am relentless with possessiveness and support. Each time he sees a new doctor; each time is let down. What a real kick in the teeth when you see a doctor and stereotypes kick in – big black bald football player size and first impression from the doctor is … ah here’s just another doper… Arrgghh... I just want to frigg’n beat the S**&*$T out of doctors like that. That and doctors have lost their humanity. I think people should only see ‘resident’ MDs – they not been beaten into – I don’t care anymore; just pay me mentality.

My prayer is that everyone finds peace. We are still trying to get there and if you read my next post – I hope it helps you find peace when you make medicine. Learn from my mistakes!!

Take care,


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Hi MrsRobinson,

I am also a supporter of a chronic.  I just posted my story.  It is right below your post.  I am waiting to read your next post.  Is that where the video is?

Your story sounds just like mine.  I am mad as hell and ain't gonna take it no more.  This little Texas gal is fully loaded and prepared to fight the beast to it's death.  Good luck and wishing you all pf days.

Lee Ann

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More to come - but here's a gist of it...

Items & CostsÂ…      

I learned the hard way and by making mistakes. I have lots of ‘others’. Example – 8 oz jars are tiny. I now only use 32 oz to get the most out of a grow task. 4 extra boxes… black, white and clear… I’ve spent about $350 mistakes included.

What I have (needed) is:

1.      1 clear plastic box $10.

a.      how you keep your moisture levels is up to you BUT KEEP THEM UP - I used my glove box and a small pipe from the fish store to direct the steam into my box

b.      I will use the ones I over purchased to birth

c.      Humidifier $15.

i.      I keep the cover on when turned on (extra $10 monthly electricity)

ii.      I keep the ceiling light on always (extra $10 monthly electricity)

2.      1 long storage box depending on the number of jars $15.

a.      I have 33 jars in different stages $13. for 12 jars

3.      A fish tank heater either mat or tube submersible $25.

4.      Sterilization equipment (gloves, head cover, alcohol to wipe on your gloves) $20.

5.      Vermiculite $15

6.      Perillite $10.

7.      Flour (grocery store health food section) $3. for two lb bag

8.      Organic Rye Berries $40. for twenty five lbs (nutsonline.com)

9.      Compost $8.

10.      Spores $15. each (I like to get 6 each order)

a.      If you can get the needle thing to work – alcohol the needle then flame it before each new jar

My last piece of advice; if you’re going do this – buy in bulk and cash; even spores. I like Ralphsters. Extras keep well in the frig. Ralph has been (for me)Trustworthy and provide good direction for recommended spores. Tell them CB sent you.

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IF ANYONE has unusual growing techniques - i would love to read them!!!!

i have had limited success but suspect my next will be terrific. my friends (mentors) told me can't speed it up. i hate waiting!!!! so close and yet so far.

please share any techniques i may need to try

also - to sufferers and those caretakers - remember - there is hope!

my husband is very close to suicide almost every day. the opiates prescribed do nothing - but if you can hold on - relief is possible. don't let go.... there are too many people who love you and pray for your relief and peace.

i can honestly say - without my mentors (DallasDenny, Bob & Ralph)... today would be so bleak - they gave/give me hope, guidance and understanding.

I pray for you and your caretaker. And I thank God for blessing me with three angels.


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