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Growing Experience; Full


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Follow Up Post: Our little ones grow up so fast Â… sort ofÂ…


Three techniques

1. Cake

2. Rye berries

3. Organic compost

Sterilized Environments

     Removed everything from the bathroom

     Used plastic bag to tie up shower curtain

     Sprained Lysol everywhere

     Used surgeon gloves, painterÂ’s hood to cover head/neck, mask, and shoe covers

     Turned shower on HIGH for 20 mins. before starting injection process

No pressure cooker. Improvised!

•      Very large lobster pot

•      Water enough to cover jars 1/2 way

•      Placed a small cake pan so glass didnÂ’t touch bottom of pot

•      Brought to boil and slow boil for 2 hours

•      Let cool over night

Glove box(large enough to hold 15 sweaters)

A large plastic bin that I drilled 2 large holes about 5 inches from the bottom. The goal is to place your jars in the box and inject jars inside the box. Heated with hair dryer - tough plastic to cut. then used box cutter to smooth edges and duct tape around entire hole. with more tape, added glove

I had lots of trouble with my ‘glove’ box. So I just did it out in the open in my sterilized bathroom and prayed. But it came in handy later.

1. Cake 16 0z jar

1.      Mix cup of cup brown rice flour; cup vermic; 3/4 cup distilled water

2.      Wet consistency, not dripping

3.      Fill jar 80% leaving inch at top for vermic fill up

4.      Sterilized

o      Funny; I was not/never able to connect the sharp to the syringe. I cut the top of the syringe – used the sharp needle point to press a hole into the syringe tip.

5. brought everything into my sterilized environment and opened the top of the jars – press the syringe into the cake far enough to see the water drill down the side. Top back on and set aside.

2. Rye Berries 32 0z jars

1.      Soaked grain for 12 hours

2.      Drained for 10 minutes

3.      Rinsed and drained again

4.      Steps above

3. Compost (just trying something for fun – mushrooms grow crazy in my yard – unwanted!) Not recommended – no confirmation yet

1.      Mix of compost, vermiculite and a little perillite

2.      Used 1 syringe of spores – injected in 4 corners and center

Cake & berries are resting in long plastic bin (the ones advertised to store sweaters under your bed ) long and rectangle

Fill box ½ way with water

I have a ‘stick’ fish tank water heater

All 33 jars in different stages (times I injected) are sleeping in 75 degree water covered with black garbage bags. Water temp always kept at 75.

Shrooms like warm wet places to grow

I have birthed 3 jars. I use my glove box as a growing box. I pipe in humidity from a humidifier using one of the glove holes. My little cakes are in a small box with 3 inches of wet perillite. Frustrated nothing was popping up I finally picked one up and saw roots and little tops. I was growing upside down. I turned them over and now they are growing fast.

Every 3 hours I turn the humidifier on for 1 hour. My ceiling lights now have 2 grow bulbs. I leave the light on about 18 hours a day. I regularly spray (mist) my babies with distilled or boiled (sterilized) water.

When I say fast – I mean fast. Over 1 day 1 mushroom doubled in size. Now they are still very small but it won’t be long now.

As for my jar bathtub – I was struggling to get my cakes to spread around the whole jar – after 4 days in the bathtub – 1 jar that had growth on both sides ( but not touching ) touched. The cake is solid. You can see how the spore has taken over the jar almost completely. I am going to hold it for another 10 days before birthing.

Items & CostsÂ…      

I learned the hard way and by making mistakes. I have lots of ‘others’. Example – 8 oz jars are tiny. I now only use 32 oz to get the most out of a grow task. 4 extra boxes… black, white and clear… I’ve spent about $350 mistakes included.

What I have (needed) is:

1.      1 clear plastic box $10.

a.      how you keep your moisture levels is up to you BUT KEEP THEM UP - I used my glove box and a small pipe from the fish store to direct the steam into my box

b.      I will use the ones I over purchased to birth

c.      Humidifier $15.

i.      I keep the cover on when turned on (extra $10 monthly electricity)

ii.      I keep the ceiling light on always (extra $10 monthly electricity)

2.      1 long storage box depending on the number of jars $15.

a.      I have 33 jars in different stages $13. for 12 jars

3.      A fish tank heater either mat or tube submersible $25.

4.      Sterilization equipment (gloves, head cover, alcohol to wipe on your gloves) $20.

5.      Vermiculite $15

6.      Perillite $10.

7.      Flour (grocery store health food section) $3. for two lb bag

8.      Organic Rye Berries $40. for twenty five lbs (nutsonline.com)

9.      Compost $8.

10.      Spores $15. each (I like to get 6 each order)

a.      If you can get the needle thing to work – alcohol the needle then flame it before each new jar

I will be getting 24 more 32 oz jars to start again. My rye berries should produce enough so I will be able to shake some of the rye berries into new jars. This will save me $$. Example: in 1 32 oz jar, get your spores to grow. Shake jars regularly so they don’t stick and make a cake. Once all grains have spores grown on them – shake some into a new jar. It will take a little longer but will work.

My last piece of advice; if you’re going do this – buy in bulk and cash; even spores. I like Ralphsters. Extras keep well in the frig. Trustworthy and provide good direction for recommended spores. Tell them CB sent you.

I wish you lots of luck.

And if I can do it – you can too!!! Trust me…

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