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Michael J Fox Back to the Future-today is the day.


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Undisputable Mike Fox has done more for Parkisons than any famous person. His ongoing deidcation to Parkinsons is endless. He is in business to go out of business. I know I have said it before...but Mike is my Hero and I can only aspire to be more like him.

There are 3 top fav movies of all times of mine. American Grafitti, Smokey and the Bandit.....and Back to the Future Triology.

Today is the day....Marty went back in time....man....what I wouldnt give to back in time. Man have asked Mike if he would go back in time and change things before his diagnosis. Naaa he says....made him what and who he is today. I couldnt agree more. I am right where I am spposed to be.

Raising my Pepsi glass to you today Mike

You have definately made the race to cure Parkinsons much faster than 88 MPH....300 MILLION and counting. Now that is some serious sh*t

I can only aspire to be more like you

God Bless Mike



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I love that guy too!  I've added his facebook page to a list I've created called "Deep Brain List".  Anyone who is a facebook user can subscribe to this list! 


It's sort of an eclectic mix of pages.  One page I particularly like is called "Lovely Clusters".  It has nothing to do with CH, I just love the title.  98% of the pages are related in one way or another to our disorder.  Examples are Neurology Now, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (M.A.P.S.) and The Alliance for Headache Disorder Advocacy.  I've included his page because of his research involving the hypothalamus & Parkinsons.  I figure one of his many researching physicians may just discover something in a brain labeled "click here for CH" while in the lab! It could happen :)

Nice post ClusterHeadSurvivor :)

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Thanks, I am a HUGE supported of Parkinsons because its nuerological. Mike and I have ties. Both lived in Ontario. Both lived in British Columbia, both are proud Canadians and have nuerological disease. I have a short brother named Mike as well, LOL

I actually got to see Mike speak at a benefit for research here in London Ontario. I flew in the nigh before from my honeymoom and had bought tickets some 6 months prior. $250 a ticket and far beyond what i could afford but my wife knows how important it was to see him speak.

I sat at a table with my wifes best friend whom has MS, 2 doctors, 2 sceitntist, and myself.

I cried because I sat amongst sick people like myself. For the first time in my life I didnt feel alone in a room ful of people.

Mikes humar, positive enlightenment as  is evident in his book as it is in person. I truly love the man. I can only aspire to be more like him. I really mean that.

I am writing a book on m life. When published I plan to donate 25% net profits to MJFF, 25% Mayo clinic and 50% to my family for taking care of me all those years. I want nothing.  So if anyone knows a publisher....wanting to help..

I owe so much gratitude for Mikes ongoing deligence in hs fight for a cure. His research funding is a large part in why I had DBS. Mike talks about DBS alot. He wont do it. He had brai surgery once already. I know it was a Canadian Doctor from Toronto who dicovered DBS but its the ongoing funding and research DBS and Parkinsons go hand in hand. Hence my desire to help PD as much as CH.

again, thanks for kind words

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