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detox hell


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Hope you are in remission soon Chris.  I take a regimen at night before bed of an antihistamine (Zyrtec, Benadryl seem to work best for me), GABA, Taurine & Melatonin.  That combined with detoxing, avoiding casein and busting provided me with 6 PF nights.  They started up again last night, I believe due to the storms.  This has been a very stubborn cycle for me.  It sounds like you are having a rough time.  Are you avoiding MSG and artificial sweeteners?  If I am exposed to those my frequency and intensity go through the roof.  Best of luck in finding what works for you for this cycle.

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after such a hellish ride the first time,  I am debating trying a detox again, and going for next fri. 

I have been feeling much better, hitting the trex hard and back on the verap.  I think my mistake may have been coming down too slowly from the verap.  I know you cant just stop, but too slowly is way bad too. 

That was so bad though, that i am afraid to go through it again.  Its funny,  a grown woman,  scared to death of some pain.  I will need to talk it over with my family and ask them if they are ready to put up with me for another weepy week. 

UHHHHGGGG,  decisions decisions.

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