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Frozen Sumatriptan


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Any one know if it is really unusable if your sumatriptan vial freezes?  (The vial did not break)

The zipper on my bag busted and my last shot fell out and was left in the car last night, when I woke up it was -6 outside.  I read that it is supposed to be stored no lower than 36 degrees and not to use it if it has been frozen and I'm wondering if that is complete BS. 

I hope so, cause I really can't shell out $150 for the second time in 6 months just to get through these friggin clusters.

I was really hoping to bust this weekend, but I never know if I'm going to need a shot when it's done so I never bust without having a shot in the house.  This kinda blows...

Anybody have any info or experience with frozen shots?


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Hey Ric,

Sorry to hear what your going through.

Just discussing your situation with the Wife, for She is such a part of what I/We live with. Her suggestion is to go see the Pharmacist, explain the dilemma. As much monies they make off a transaction of these over priced meds.. they should replace your bottle. If the Pharmacist gives you the Blah..Blah etc. request they contact the manufacturer with a explanation it was an accident, and you handed them the remaining vial for a credit...(more with honey then vinegar).

She read four articles on the trex not to let them drop below 36* not the last to do this nor I'm betting not the first either. Trytosurvive mentioned it happened, again the manufacturer should, you would think rather replace rather then defend a case of questionable product.

Blessings & PFW

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Thanks guys.  Looking at the shot now that it is thawed out it looks completely fine.  I have trouble believing that the low temp would actually chemically change the sumatriptan.  I figure it could probably precipitate out of solution, but it does not look cloudy or have particulate in it. 

I'll shake the hell out of it before I use it, I bet it's fine.

Thanks again!


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