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  1. Just catching nightly news....You guys are getting pounded DD & Hip, Prayers out in full tonight for you Both Brothers...
  2. Very Sorry to hear of the loss, precious young Man. We'll keep Him & the Family in our Prayers. I will be meeting in a Men's Bible group tonight and will plan on a group Prayer for Jacob, his Brother and Sister and Specially for the Parents. As Always Bob, you are kept in Prayer. Luke 22:43 And then there appeared to Him an Angel from Heaven, Strengthen Him
  3. That's a Beauty....Big Boy!!! Time Fishing is never subtracted from one's Life. May God touch the water to Bless your Time.......... There is no better deserving Men to Enjoy the Peace then you Two Great Place for next Conference!!!! [smiley=thumbsup.gif]
  4. Another one completed by DW [smiley=engel017.gif]
  5. Its...Sup!!! [smiley=thumbsup.gif]
  6. Hey SOS, I have found when using sprays, they seem to hold back a visit approximately 2.5 hours...where as a 50mg pill can push back a visit by up to 5 hours. Everyone's body deals with the bastard differently, so keep this in mind. I have no experience with adding in Alcohol, I would inclined to feel that gambling with this devil when its harness is a worry some bet. Also if the Comedian's material is good you'll be raising blood pressure cracking up, which intern can be rolling the dice while entertaining a good Buzz. I do Hope you & Wife, have an "Awesome time". Good gosh we CHer's
  7. Hey Ric, Sorry to hear what your going through. Just discussing your situation with the Wife, for She is such a part of what I/We live with. Her suggestion is to go see the Pharmacist, explain the dilemma. As much monies they make off a transaction of these over priced meds.. they should replace your bottle. If the Pharmacist gives you the Blah..Blah etc. request they contact the manufacturer with a explanation it was an accident, and you handed them the remaining vial for a credit...(more with honey then vinegar). She read four articles on the trex not to let them drop below 36* not th
  8. rufftime


    Hey G, Sorry to hear that you are suffering. Bear with me here, I to have been going through a major learning curve to busting the beast(SOB). If your seeds are strong enough "you'll know" with a shot of 6 seeds. I will refer to a method I use, with highlights from posts written here on the site. Five day wait period before you shot at the Beast, seems to be a must. Plenty of posts referring to how your receptors work with the effects. Float test, I use a shot glass filled with water. Place (3) seeds in the water, if they drop to the bottom there good. Floaters are duds... Three "Goo
  9. Again Prayers of thought for your days ahead, Titus 2:15 These, then, are the things you should teach. Encourage and rebuke with all authority. Let no one disregard you. Blessings, Thank You All, Good Luck
  10. Thank You for your Gift of LOVE Many of us would Love to be there with you this morning as you meet with members of our governing bodies. Know this though, that many Prayers will be said throughout the next few days for your safe travels and success. Thank You, from the bottom of our hearts 2 Samuel 2:6 And now may the Lord show Lovingkindness and truth to you; and I also will show this goodness to you, because you have done this thing.
  11. Its all about taking small steps... If laying flat is a big trigger maybe standing between a small doorway opening, with feet together, and placing your hands shoulder height on the casing doing a push back. It might not feel like much at first but increase the reps & and with progress you can begin setting your feet farther back on each set. Slow the rep down to apply tension on the muscle. Lasting change begins with committing your body to yourself and God.
  12. CH survivor you are right on track. I didn't make it out of the locker room without getting wacked today. I carried a M6/reg in my bag just in case.... Well it became a case. Was a light hit (3-4 kip) so took quick few hyperhits off the bottle to settle down & took your advice & headed to the treadmill. About 20min. all was well to continue on my workout. Mox your idea is excellent about the cards. Heck I've been sitting in my vehicle tapping a tank & had some kind person ask if I need help, the card would work for it. Will be sucking down large quantity of water during worko
  13. Ok its the first part of the year. I quit smoking for over 6 weeks and its time to take some of this weight off. Just curious do you workout at a club, or home, or ?? If you attend a club, "how do you handle attacks" while out on the floor/shower locker room etc. Do you happen to carry M6/reg in gym or tote, put it in your locker, its just a thought. Years back I increased my heart rate when I experienced the beast setting in. Was very uncomfortable taking myself up the Kip just to break the attack, scarey being in public anything above 8. People want to call 911 for yea.... Its hard to
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