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OK one more .. accupuncture and chinese herbs

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I tried acupuncture for the first time this cycle.  After a horrendous 6-month cycle in 2012 I decided I would not take any prescription meds this cycle (other than O2).  I went to a well-respected clinic with a father/son practice who are both medical doctors and had been practicing acupuncture for many years.  They did not make any promises or claims to cure my CH.  After the first treatment I had what felt almost like a migraine or strong shadows that came on around the time I would normally get a CH.  I woke up and tried some O2 & coffee but it didn't resolve or turn into a CH.  I went back to sleep and had the migraine-like pain for most of the following day.  I had only 1 CH at night during that week. I had another acupuncture treatment 1 week later.  The second time I didn't get the migraine-like pain.  I haven't had a CH since and am hoping I may have ended my cycle.  I have now gone 7 days w/o a cluster h/a, but haven't tested with alcohol to see if it's really over.

Of course I have no idea whether the acupuncture has anything at all to do with the change in my headache pain or the potential end to my CH cycle.  My insurance doesn't cover it so I may have just thrown $250 down the drain. But who knows?  And unlike all the prescription drugs I've tried in the past, it didn't cause additional HARM. 

I'd try it again next cycle.

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