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Anyone else find writing or poetry to be soothing?


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Here's my latest poem written in Nashville as I was on the O2 typed it with one hand. I know what you're thinking that it's impossible to come up with a poem during a cluster or bad migraine and I would've agreed 3 years ago. But now it seems these come to me like I see the words when I close my eyes and I can type them out. But if I can't keep up then I make no sense so I have to type fast to recognize the language through all the pain and auras from my migraines.

Anyways without further ado here's my latest poem KIP 10 Agony:

Tonight I awoke already in a fight for my life

as soon as I awoke I knew the pain was out of sight

I absolutely needed to continue to fight

so I got in my comfortable corner that night

wishing I had my dog at my side

and flowing O2 bag on that constant rise

I felt safe again for I knew this pain would subside

relief did not come quickly

but all that matters to me is that IÂ’m no longer convulsing in pain

puking blood and vomit down the drain

feeling like my mind is driving me insane

yet to the average person I look mundane

theyÂ’d never know about my invisible illness

unless they saw an attack first hand oh goodness

that would show them what my diseases are

killing me from the inside and not visual from afar

to know that IÂ’m sick you need to know me

so why not become friends in pain relief

I know we all want to be set free

from this agonizing lifestyle we live constantly

KIP 10Â’s ruining days running rampantly

destroying lives and families

we cannot continue to let this happen

so letÂ’s go ClusterBusters, please, let us take action!

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