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Golf Tournament - Idea for fundraiser

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Hello All:

My husband and I recently attended our first CB conference in Nashville and I cannot put into words what it meant to both of us to meet people who understand what we are going thru.  Just thinking about it brings up so much emotion that I can hardly contain my composure. 

I am a supporter.  My husband has had CH for 6 years and has been Chronic for the past 4. 

Just a thought - although it is too late in the year to organize a golf tournament fundraiser for CB this year, I am considering trying to organize one for sometime next year with the help of an experienced friend who puts them together often.

Has anyone held this kind of fundraiser before? 

We have played in many golf tournament fundraisers.  It would be great to do one for a charity that supports our struggle.  "The Beast" makes me feel so very helpless.  This is one way I feel will help with that awful, heart wrenching feeling. 


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