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Any J roc fans from Trailer Park Boys

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A very special shout out to Jonathan Torrens. aka JRoc from Trailer Park Boys and he also plays Vice Principal Robert Cheeley on CBCs Mr. Dee and did Wipeout Canada ! Jonathan Torrens does a pod cast with Jeremy Taggart the drummer from the band "Our Lady Peace". The pod cast is on about Canadianity ! Halarious podcast. Celebrating being Canadian. [ch8234]#[ch8206]Bahd[ch8236].

at 11:35 min to just about 16 min, they discuss Cluster Headaches and my story......have a listen [ch8234]#[ch8206]TnT[ch8236]

choose episode 31

also on iTunes (free) epsiode 31 I Tunes will upload soon for now use soundcloud

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