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Two quick questions!


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Hello guys,

I have been to my neurologist to request an updated prescription for  oxygen. During the course of the visit, he noticed in my background a long history of neck pain (cervical spondylosis/arthritis). Indeed I often use my shiatsu pillow to massage the back of my neck.

He added that, treating  periodically and regularly this pathology, I may also find benefit for my cluster headache, being the arthritis also a trigger.

Do you happen to have heard other similar feedbacks? Is that true?

Another very silly question: is playing video games a trigger (visual extra-stimulation)?

Thank you all for your support on this.

Have a lovely weekend.

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Hi Alex,

I've heard of the very occasional case where someone will have a tooth removed, or other seemingly unrelated procedure, and their migraines or clusters vanish, but it's rare. Not being an expert, I would guess that if you find Oxygen helps, then you probably have clusters and not cluster-headache like symptoms caused by neck pain. But I could be wrong.

Have you seen a chiropractor about your next pain? How about a Sports/Remedial Therapies Massage Therapist? I'm a massage therapist, and it is amazing what massage can do for arthritis (depending on the type of course). I find massage also helps reduce and manage my headaches - pretty good stuff really.

To answer your second question, I shall apply MoxieGirl's rule of thumb: No two cluster sufferers are the same, and just as soon as  you figure yours out, it changes.

Could video games be a trigger. Sure, absolutely. If you play for long hours and find you get a cluster during or afterwords, safe bet it's a trigger. Crying and strong emotions will trigger a cluster attack for me, but alcohol does not, which is rare. Most people get attacks if they drink while in cycle. Everyone is different.

The trick is to find out what triggers yours, and how to manage that. If gaming is a trigger, set an alarm and take a break every 20 minutes. Walk around, get some fresh air, something to eat and drink, then see if you can play another 20 minutes without an attack.


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Thank you MoxieGirl,

yes, in the past I have been to a Massage Centre and did a 3 weeks cycle of therapy for my arthritis. I felt really good after and  I only now realized that, at the end of the treatment,  my cluster stopped. (that was 5 years ago).

I also believe I have clusters (two many years  with oxygen, RC seeds, Triptanes and other), but I wonder if an arthritis can trigger a CH attack. I will probably try to do another cycle, here in London (last one, it was 5 years ago and I was still leaving in Italy). :)

Any suggestions? :)

I will listen to your advices also with regards to video games (I enjoy playing, but can resist if I can avoid an attack  :P)

Thank you!


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Hi Alex,

I did my initial massage training in London, and could probably recommend a good therapist or two, I know a handful in the city. Love London, great city! I used to work for a company in South Ruislip, which brought me to the city quite often.

I live in Suffolk, between Cambridge and Ipswich, and am doing a pretty intense sports massage course in Cambridge. People really underestimate the power of massage.

I'm a bit of a gamer, although more geek than gamer. Diablo III is my main haunt. Couldn't get into WOW, and do the occasional console game. I'm generally too busy though as I always have a number of projects on the go.

Thinking about it.... it may not be the game that is the trigger. I find that if my stress levels drop to low, if I relax too much, that, in itself, is a trigger. So, if we put stress on a 1-10 scale, 1 is no stress and 10 is max stress. I need to keep my stress level balanced between 4 and 7. To low, and I get a cluster, too high and I get a migraine.

I found, when I was getting hit bad, I got hit most on the weekend when I chilled out for a movie or two.

So, maybe games are just TOO relaxing for you.

Something to think about.


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