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Holiday Blues

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Happy Holidays! Well, kind of...


Wondering if anyone has tips on how to beat the grief that comes with CH. Right now is a particularly low point of the year as we struggle through the holiday season stressing about whether or not we'll be able to make it to family events, wondering if relief will ever last, etc. I try and stay as positive as possible for my husband while still acknowledging that yes, CH is real and affects our lives. I'd never want to try and Pollyanna his concerns away. But I love him very much, and if I can shine a small light of happiness and hope around us, I will.


Thanks for any advice. We're knee-deep in the logistics and treatments, but right now what we need is a little cheering up.

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I personally find letting people know what's going on helps me manage things better.  Letting folks know in a non whining, non sympathy seeking way that I may have to excuse myself.  Tell them you don't want suggestions about what worked for who.  No miracle migraine cures.  Don't expect anyone to really understand what you endure.  Just understanding  you need time to suck oxygen, drink energy or inject.  Most folks will provide lattitude for what you need to do while trying to live life as best possible.  Try not to withdraw because then the beast wins.  Live the best you can utilizing all resources possible.  Being strong and positive  is the best way to battle.  Not easy but everyone is pulling for you.

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