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Verapamil delaying Cluster?


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Good Morning.  I am a long time CH sufferer but consider myself lucky.  I experience Clusters every 2 years for about 3 weeks.  The time period shifts on my usually due to stress, I can only assume.  I have been to a neurologist and have finally convinced my physician to prescribe Oxygen.  I successfully use Oxygen and Immitrex to abort most of my clusters.  Here is my question - 4 years ago, i used Verapamil (240mg - two pills a day) to successfully prevent my CH from occurring in the summer.  But, two days after I weaned myself off of them (during Christmas break - a low stress time for me as I am a teacher), they hit in full force and I still had 3 weeks of Headaches.  Damn.  Two years ago, I did not take the Verapamil, but once my cluster began, I started my Verapamil and my cluster was more manageable, fewer attacks and less extreme.  This week, I experienced 2 mild headaches ( stressful time of year).  I started my full dose of Verapamil and they stopped.  Now, I am stuck wondering if I am simply delaying the inevitable....I ordered my tank and drugs and am ready to face the beast.  Do I just wean off the damn Verapamil and let it happen?  Has anyone else experienced this delay?  Do you have any advice for me?  As a teacher, I am not interested in illegal drugs as I can manage the symptoms without it.  Thanks so much for any advice.  I have often read these boards for advice over the last 20 years and feel very thankful to have people in similar places with this stupid disorder.  

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