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Starting Topamax tonight


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I got off Topamax about a month a half ago to start busting and I have to tell you, I think it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. What they say about Topamax is true, its makes you a bit spacey and it can even change your taste of things, literally. I had a coke after being on it for about a week and it made it taste really strange. Not that I needed the coke anyway  :) But my advice is stick to mother nature. A part of me thinks thats why these things were put on this planet, for medicine. To quote a great movie line," God put this here for you and me........take advantage man."

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Topamax should be called Dope-A-Max

I hate Dopeymax. I was on it for almost 3 months. No appetite, no sex drive, stupid, and suicidal. What an awesome drug...yeah right. STAY AWAY!!!Leave it for epilepsy as it was intended.

Add me to the list of Tomamax haters.  I was disoriented and lost my balance frequently, too.  I hope your still doing well and don't resort to this drug - you probably won't be doing much in the area of crosstraining if you do. 

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