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  1. What I wonder is... Were they treating him for migraines when in fact what he really might have had was cluster headaches? When did cluster headaches begin to get diagnosed correctly? When were they first documented?
  2. B. Episodic C. Helped with the severity of your headaches but didnÂ’t eliminate them. D. Helped with the frequency of your headaches but didnÂ’t eliminate them. Actually stopped a cycle that was starting up within a couple of weeks BUT when I quit taking the regimen it came back in about 3 weeks. I got right back on it. IT IS MOST DEFINATELY HELPING! NOTHING OVER A LEVEL 5 AND NO MORE THAN TWO A NIGHT! My Regimen: D3, Calcium, Fish Oil, Magnesium.
  3. Hey Shahooty and welcome! Glad you found this place! Can't give you any advice on those meds but I can tell ya there are some awesome people here! Hang in there and so happy you found this place! Raquel
  4. Guilty. The thing is, when two months of your life are literally destroyed you have to make up for lost time. You have to work harder to show you're boss you are worth keeping, you have to make up for your kid being neglected, social life goes into overdrive with family and friends cuz they missed you. This may sound selfish but yeah, I wanna break from the obsession of it, i don't want it to consume my entire life. Please forgive me for this answer, and I have nothing but love and respect to my CH brothers & sisters, you are truly the only ones who really understand. I hope that people keep the revolving door going regardless. -Raquel
  5. Ting, I have no idea. I hope you get it figured out or it goes away soon! I lose weight during cycle so yeah, I gain it back afterwards.
  6. Thanks T. I am so fortunate, not chronic.
  7. Hey family! I did a "maintenance dose" this past Saturday night. Just want a lil reassurance that I am doing this right. Everything has been going great for months now. So, I did 1.5 gr of shrooms. (I am a newbie at this, first time ever. If anyone is reading this and they are afraid to try this I just want to assure you the 1.5 gr did not make me "trip" - some colors were vibrant, watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and my spirits were lifted like I took a Super Prozac, laughed alot too, it was all good) Anyway, my plan is to dose again in July. Am I on the right track? Also, today, getting twinges in the eyebrow every once in awhile. Not shadows. I'm gonna try to not OCD about it. Any input is welcome. Rock
  8. We are all different. Anything that wakes your ass up definately sucks! Pacing is helping cause it gets your oxygen going. Sometimes I just start running in place or jumping jacks to abort the bastards but that doesnt always work for me. You are in cycle now?
  9. I didnt really answer your question cuz i'm not sure. Maybe it takes pressure of the trigeminal nerve.
  10. Usually by the time I sit up it takes like one - two minutes to start hitting pretty hard. If I were to lay there I would get hit with a 10. In my experience, it doesnt go away but laying there makes it worse. I'm happy to hear your CH subsides sometimes by getting up. Welcome. Rock
  11. Wow, small world! I have left twice but always come back. There's no place like home. lol - Dan your a hoot!
  12. Thats all that matters!!! [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif] Woot Woot!
  13. Happy Late Birthday Angel! I made you a cake! [smiley=birthdays.gif] lol!
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