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  1. I'm not sure didgens, I'll try to find out at my next visit. But I have another question for you guys. The drug they tried is one of the anti-CGRP antibody drugs. I either got the placebo, or it's not working for me. I have used nothing but Oxygen to stop my attacks for the three weeks I've been in this trial. Wondering if I can still bust with mushrooms, or if the mushrooms and the anti-CGRP antibodies will conflict with each other. I think I received the Placebo anyway, but in case I got the real stuff, do you think I'm safe to do my normal dose of mushrooms? Thoughts/advice appr
  2. Found out the trial is for an anti-CGRP therapy. New info is that I have to wait for two weeks, writing in a journal before I get the injection. That's two weeks with just oxygen and imitrex injections. No pills. I usually use Frova at night and I am able to sleep through the night. Not sure I can do two weeks just for a fifty fifty shot at something that may or may not work. Blarf. Not sure what to do. Might try. So far this round of clusters hasn't been as bad as I've experienced in the past. I've gotten up to about a 7 and the oxygen has been working really well for me. Aborting the hea
  3. Looking for advice. I have a chance to be in a clinical trial for something that shows promise. But it means I can't bust. No mushrooms. There's a fifty fifty chance I get the drug. Fifty fifty I get placebo. But the upshot looks great if I get the meds. Just worried if I get placebo I'll have to make it through the trial with nothing but oxygen. What to do? Thanks
  4. Yup. Well, that's decided. But interested in hearing your other options.
  5. Wow, so you can actually order the stuff? Has anyone here tried ordering it and taking it? I would be really nervous to try it, but desperation can make you do things.
  6. In my twenty five years of clusters, I've had one that switched sides. I think the pain level was just as high, but I could handle the pain a lot better. The analogy I used with my wife was to imagine I'd been carrying a bucket full of water with my left arm for five hours, that arm is all warn down and achy. Then I get to switch arms for five minutes. It almost feels good to give the left side a break. The switcheroo actually just happened with me. Along with a few other new symptoms that I've never experienced before. A constant pain at the base of my skull. Sore and tense neck and back. A
  7. I couldn't check out that article without registering. But I found it here without registering. This is pretty exciting. I've got about a week left of these headaches and then I'm going to start hunting down a surgeon that can get this done. http://www.futuremedicine.com/doi/full/10.2217/14750708.4.4.451
  8. I think you can probably get testosterone treatment wherever you are. I've done some searching and there's a testosterone treatment place close to my house in Los Angeles, it seems like it's for aging men with lower levels, but I'm going to call and see what's up. Also, I wonder if using something like androgel might have the same effect.
  9. Just wondering if any of you episodic sufferers, like myself, have noticed any patterns when your cluster series comes to an end? In the past they've always sort of petered out for me. But during my last cycle, they built to a crescendo and then I had a really bad one, that seemed to last all day. Then as the headache finally left I felt drained and had a good nights sleep and they were gone. But this was the exception for me not the rule. Shahooty
  10. Beaming happy vibes your way Ajax. Hope it works. Let us know if it does.
  11. shahooty


    Have any of you tried Botox for episodic clusters? I'm having a bitch of a time getting through my most recent bout and was thinking of trying it. Would love to hear any stories you may have.
  12. Yes. Definitely weather/seasonally influenced. And when I'm in a cycle I get my very worst attacks, my 10's, on nights or days when it rains. Wonder if the change in barometric pressure has something to do with it. Good luck getting through it.
  13. Bejeeber, that's where I think I am right now. This has been a pretty shitty series for me. I'm just hoping the verapamil will work enough to get me through the day and that the oxygen can get me through the night time attacks. I think I'm going to stay off the Frova. Seems like taking that every night will be habit forming. I don't want to just prolong things and face them later which it seems like the Frova will. Although, I had a good night sleep last night after taking the Frova and just woke up with a five that made it to a seven before the oxygen chilled it out, and have a feeling I'
  14. Thanks Psiloscribe. I'm definitely not taking the shrooms right now. I'm going to really try Dr. Kudrow's plan and see where it takes me. I'm almost off the prednisone, and the verapamil seems to be having some effect in blocking. I had to increase dosage to five 80mg pills a day instead of four, and I feel pretty yucky, but it seems to be keeping the worst at bay. The one thing that has me concerned is the nightly Frova. It seems like if I'm taking this every night I'm going to become dependent on it. And it'll lead to more rebounds. Does anyone have any experience with this? I asked him sp
  15. Yeah, Depakote was bunk prescribed by a jackass, TakinitEZ So, I made it through last night without an attack until five AM, usually get three a night. Got up to about a six but oxygen brought it under control. I forgot to post above that Dr. Kudrow also put me on Frova at night. One pill that apparently works the same way as Imitrex but has a 12 hour half life instead of a three hour half life. I believe it kept me pain free for about eight hours. I was so skeptical about the verapamil as well. But Kudrow was emphatic that it's very often prescribed wrong. Taken as immediate release pi
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