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  1. I missed the board. My computer hasn't been working for about a month now. Couldn't figure out what the hell was wrong with it. Finally broke down and got a new one today. So ta-da, I'm back. Hope everyone is doing well and if not, I hope you are real soon.
  2. I got off Topamax about a month a half ago to start busting and I have to tell you, I think it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. What they say about Topamax is true, its makes you a bit spacey and it can even change your taste of things, literally. I had a coke after being on it for about a week and it made it taste really strange. Not that I needed the coke anyway But my advice is stick to mother nature. A part of me thinks thats why these things were put on this planet, for medicine. To quote a great movie line," God put this here for you and me........take advantage man."
  3. Glad to know you and your family are ok. One touched down about a mile from my office building. You could see it from there. Thankfully, I had left about 30 min before it touched down. Someone took a picture of it though. I don't have it here, it's at my work email. But if my home email ever decides to start working again, I'll attach the picture.
  4. Thank you Denny and thank you Raquel. I think you're right, doing it myself will probably be my best bet.
  5. Well, my first batch didn't turn out well so I'm going to give it another go. I think even with all my prep, the jars got some bacteria in them so I'm going to have to dump them and try again. But, what can we do. The way I see it is the first time was a test run so it's like anything else in this world, the more you do it the better you'll get. I read online and I did all my prep work right but I read that even with all the prep work, things can still go wrong. It just happens. So I wont let this first disapointment stop me from trying again. So, that's what I'm planning on doing. I'm bound to get it right at some point.
  6. Wow, sorry to hear about your house Mad6string. That's happened to me before, not fun. Hope everything gets back in order for you asap.
  7. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I think Stadol was the culprit after all. I stopped taking it after the constant vomiting and I haven't had any problems with vomiting since. The only reason I even took it in the first place is because it was the first time I took something that seemed to alleviate the pain, even for just a few minutes. Usually, the cluster would win in the end and I would go full blown kip 10 with but it was worth it to me just to have those few minutes that the stadol bought me of being pain free which we all know that any pain free time with these suckers is precious. But, not to throw up on top it. No, that was the deal breaker. So, back to cold towels and rocking.
  8. Yes, tomato sauce can be a trigger along with many other foods while your in a cycle. For instance, bar-b-q sauce is one of mine. And nitrates is one of mine which is found in just about everything out there because it's a preservative most commonly seen as mono-nitrate. You'll see it in cereal, crackers, ready made dinners, cold cuts, chips, like Johnny was saying differnt sausages, breakfast, even the pepperoni than goes on your pizza, I'm telling you, more stuff than you could possibly imagine. Be sure to read labels if you think it might be a trigger for you. Although food triggers vary from person to person, some of the more common food triggers are chocolate, bananas, soy products, citrus fruits, fermented fruits, and beans and typically because of digestion, you'll notice that with food triggers, it takes about 12hours for them to trigger a headache. So a good practice if you think a one might be a trigger is to eat foods you know for a fact aren't triggers, eat one you think might be for lunch, and then if you don't have any problems later than night you can mark that particular food off your list of potential triggers. Hope this helps.
  9. Thank you very much for that information. I was thinkiing the same thing but I wasn't sure. Now that I've read that it make the decision easier.
  10. Ok,I need a little advice when it comes to detoxing. Hopefully, the post office didn't lose my growing kit and I'll be getting a call today or within the next couple of days telling me they found my package. So, with that being said, this is going to be my first time busting. As of now, I'm on 2 different meds, Topamax for clusters and Mirapex for restless leg syndrome. Is it necessary for me to get off of either one of these meds in order for me to bust?
  11. Thanks, Bob, I really needed to read this, this morning. Had a bad day yesterday and it's inspirational things like this that make it all it better. Been dealing with the longest cycle of my life, still hasn't ended and although I try to keep a positive attitude about it there are times it can get me down, like right now as I'm coming down from another cluster and yesterday afternoon, as I went to go pickup my growing kit, the one I've been waiting on for 2 weeks, the one that I thought I was going to get a week a half ago because I paid for expedited shipping and then on top of that, I didn't even get to track it 2 days after paying for it because Canada Post doesn't track their packages once they hit the US border (keep that in mind for future orders from Canada, never knew that),because they've left me a delivery slip telling me their sorry they've missed me, the post office tells me they've now suddenly lost track of my package and can't find it > :'( . But you know what, like you said, That's all I want. Some hope for a brighter future. Today is a new day. My headache has passed for now and hopefully I'll get a call today saying they found my package. Positive vibes, positive vibes
  12. No, no affiliation. Just happen to pick that name by chance. The reason I asked about the pay per view is because I have a website that I wanted to share with fellow you mma fans but I didn't want to get it shut down because they post pay per view fights the day after they happen, but, as I'm sure you are aware, UFC is really crackin' down on these sites and I didn't want to give it away because then I would lose my go to site for free fights if you worked for them, so you could understand my apprehension. http://www.mmatko.com/ All you have to do is the day after a pay per view happens, just type it into the search bar and it will bring up all the fights. Sometimes it might take until the end of the day but usually the fights you wanna see are up right away. Enjoy my friend
  13. Thanks for the well wishes Dave-O! I miss alcohol too Rock. What I wouldn't give for a shot of of patron right now or an ice cold glass of stella artois or blue moon. Shit, I'd takes Coors, just about anything right now if I could!
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