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Hi, Just wanted to follow up to see if others have had high kidney levels with Imitrex and predizone?  And after a few months will it come back to normal?  Had Clusters all my life since 16 and not 56 but had a 10 year break when I flew from cali to Bahamas and went with bout and come home and none for 10 years.  They just came back 4 months ago and did the 240 mg ver and started the predizone 80 mg taper for like 10 days and imigrex half tablets at onset and worked pretty good.  It did not knock em out bout then a month later did the predizone at 100 mg for first 2 days then taper for 10 days and it took them away!!  its been like a month with no clusters and continue to take 240 slow release and starting to have shadows.  Have not done the oxygen for like 20-30 years as it didnt work that well for me.  My blood work on kidneys last year was 120 creatinine and bun 10 ratio.  So kinda weird and think it was the meds??  Testing in another month.   Kinda freaking that if they come back i have to use other resources.  Also tried some shroom tea.  


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In the past 20-30 years a lot has been learned about oxygen.  Lord only knows what setup you had back then, but high flow plus the mask designed for people with CH have resulted in at least 90% of people now getting reliable, quick aborts with O2.  Verap at 240 is too low for relief for most people: up to 960 is recommended.  And for most, the timed release form is considerably less effective than standard.  Sumatriptan tablets are far less effective than injections -- and the nasal spray works well for many people.  In general, triptans seems to make cycles worse and cause rebound attacks.

Check out the vitamin D3 regimen.  It's been a great preventive for a whole lot of people, and will get you off those meds that might be affecting you.  https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/1308-d3-regimen/

An energy shot (such as 5-Hour Energy), energy drink (Red Bull, etc.), V8 energy drink, or just plain caffeine at the very start of an attack will often reduce its severity or even sometimes abort it.


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4 hours ago, TKUMMER said:

Can you get basic setup without machine etc?

Not exactly sure what you're asking about here.  Typically, an O2 prescription would include tanks/cylinders/canisters (whatever they're called where you are), a regulator of at least 12-15 liters per minute, and a non-rebreather mask.  In the old days, and sometimes still today, a machine called a concentrator was prescribed, which made O2 out of room air.  That's not good for many reasons -- the O2 isn't pure O2 for one thing, and typically those machines don't go higher than 8-10 lpm.  It was also pretty common in the old days to prescribe nasal cannula, which are highly ineffective, instead of the non-rebreather mask.  Many neurologists are very bad about prescribing O2, for no good reason at all.  So be prepared to insist.  If you just get the tanks, you can buy the regulator and mask online -- but you should get at least a basic tank/regulator/mask setup from your O2 supplier.  Some people feel like they get better aborts if they replace a regulator that has a max of 15 lpm with one that goes to at least 25 lpm.  We can discuss that as it becomes necessary.

I hope someone else will answer your verap question.  I've never understood the procedure for starting/stopping it well enough to give reliable advice.

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