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Don O2

Demand Valve.

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What a wonderful Conference!!!!! I met several folks that were interested in getting a Demand Valve. I did not remember the correct web address. It is below.


www.lifemedicalsupplier.com                  The prices average $300, be sure to order a mask or mouthpiece. Clusterkit, facemasks and mouthpiece's will work on these.


The model I have is the: L063-050 It came with the valve (can be used as a mouthpiece), and a hose. Required: a DISS fitting on your reg. This can be done on welding regulators also.


Can't wait to see the family,


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Thanks, Don! You got this without a prescription, I take it.  In the past, prescriptions have been required whenever I tried to get one, except for used ones at eBay.  Great news if that's not the case here. 

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