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Recovery time


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I'm always surprised how long it takes to recover from an attack.

90% of my attacks these days last less than 5 minutes and are a KIP 1-3, and I normally just shrug them off and get back to whatever I was doing. 

But occasionally... I just had a KIP 8 that lasted 15 minutes, give or take. Now, 2 hours later, 2 cold drinks and lunch, and I'm just starting to recover my energy and get my brain working again. Been walking around like a zombie on drugs for the last 2 hours, even though the pain has long gone. Been having these things 11.5 years, and I still can't get used to that. Even now I just want to crawl into bed and sleep. 

If I were a battery, it's as if someone has just laid a screwdriver across my terminals and held it there for 15 minutes until I was utterly drained. 

Oh, and here's the bit that made this attack interesting. My housemate is bed bound and in the advanced stages of Motor Neurone Disease (aka ALS). She can move her eyes, blink and turn her head from side to side, a little, but that's it. Just before my attack, her main carer and I rolled her over and put a bed pan under her. Then I had my cluster attack. It just finished when she was ready for us to remove the pan. I could barely stand at that point, but had to help anyway. This isn't something I need right now on top of my best friend dying slowly. 


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