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A new study might points to pathogenesis of CH for Episodics

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Alterations of structural connectivity in episodic cluster headache: A graph theoretical analysis ( https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0967586818315170 ). Study seems pretty legit.. 

Conclusion: "We demonstrate that the structural volumes - look at the article - and connectivity in patients with cluster headache are significantly different from those in healthy controls, especially revealing hub re-organization. These alterations are implicated in the pathogenesis of cluster headache and suggest that cluster headache is a network disease."

I am no neurologist, but is this a first time that structural brain volumetry points to pathogenesis? If so, are those structures affected are "damaged" by any substance or behaviour? Ex: lack of sleep, nicotine, alcohol, etc? Is this why as well that triptamines are helping by "reconnecting" the brain? 


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