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Be a Zombie or a Clusterhead?

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Just watched the new episode of iZombie (awesome show if you haven't seen it). Season 5 just started, and in it, cluster headaches were mentioned. 

Essentially, zombies and humans are living together in the now quarantined city of Seattle. You can only get in or out of the city by applying for permission, and someone applied to be let in, and made into a zombie because they have clusters, and their only other option is to kill themselves. 

At least in TV world, being dead or undead are both better than being a clusterhead. :(


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40 minutes ago, BrainStorm said:

Bummer. They must not have any oxygen tanks in this dystopian version of the post zpoc world. 

As long as the abandoned pharmacies have batch’s Vitamins we’re g

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