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Good afternoon everyone,

My name is Charles and I suppose you could say that I'm the newest member of the cluster headache community. It started back in 2015'ish. I would randomly get a droopy eyelid and nothing more. I didn't think much about it until March of 2018. It hit fast and it hit hard. It began with having maybe 1 hit per day, and then it became 4-5 hits per day. This lasted until July of 2018. Around March of 2019, it came once again. This time around, however, it lasted until the August time frame. I don't have much more information to put down but I'm looking forward to connecting with others who suffer from clusters. I believe that my "hits" are relatively mild compared to others, but I fear the day when it becomes every day/all year type occurrence.  


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Welcome to the site!

You will want to see a neurologist and or a headache specialist to have a few scans of your head done just to rule out anything major going on. Once you are declared a cluster head and given that id card you will have all the benefits of denied help from most of the doctors you will see. You are one of the lucky ones.. 

on a more serious note, click on the banner on the top of this page and read as much as you can on this site. Do not be afraid of asking a million questions! Oxygen is what you will want to get your hands on to abort your cluster attacks, this is the hardest thing to get doctors to prescribe to you (comment above). Read up on the vitamin D3 and Busting. Nobody has a cure for this lovely condition but we here all work together to make things as comfortable as we can. Some including myself will down a energy drink at the first twinge of a cluster coming on and this helps hold down the intensity a little so we can get to our oxygen. 

Keep a positive outlook and open mind and you will be just fine.. It is hard sometimes but people here are willing to listen and help get through the crappy times with you. 

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