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Help with the "How To" project


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Greetings 'Busters.

I could use your help. I am working on what I call the "how-to" project - an explanation of using our favorite tryptamines - psilocybin and LSA in particular - to treat cluster headaches.

The how-to project is a set of articles designed to introduce clusterheads to the clusterbuster method and to provide them with the information needed to use the treatment successfully. The articles will end up in a web and/or print format.

The project uses a three-tier structure. The first level is a single introductory article designed to help cluster heads decide if they buster  method is something they want to pursue.

This introduction includes links to the second tier - individual articles with  more detailed information to help folks use the 'buster method.  The plan is to keep them as simple, concise and clear as I can. These articles will in turn link to a third tier of more highly detailed information.

The third tier will include more detailed and esoteric information that is needed to use the buster method but will be of interest to folks who want to dig deeper.  It will include existing information from the old clusterbusters.com web site, along with new information we come up with and links to other sites, such as Erowid, relevant to our treatment and research.

I have written the first tier introduction ("A Quick Rundown") and most of the second-tier articles. I have posted the articles here in the ClusterBuster Files section. They are in the threads called:

- Quick Rundown

- What is CH

- Psilocybin


- Other tryptamines

- The Dosing Method

- Med interactions

- Shutting the Door

- Coping

- Dosing

- The Experience

- The Results

You can help with this project in a couple of ways:

Read over the articles written so far and make comments, criticism, corrections and suggestions. Submit your ideas in the threads or reply to me by personal message.

Suggest new articles or topics, or even write them. There are a few topics to do yet, and maybe you have some new ideas.

Suggest or write third-tier sources of detailed information, or develop new bodies of information and submit them to me.

Don't be shy! You can't insult me! Well, you can, but I won't mind. Or at least I won't complain. Much.

A few notes on the articles:

What will eventually be links to third tier articles or other places on the web and will be in blue and/or will show up as "LINK." The formatting will vary from what you see as far as font style, text size  and test style (bold, italic etc.). One of the articles will have tables, but I haven't figured out yet how to put them in a post.

Thanks and Onward Busters!


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Please excuse me. I want everyone to understand that, while I wrote the "How To"  articles, I really only rearranged the knowledge developed over a dozen years by dozens of clusterheads.

The material in the articles comes from the mushroom FAQ and the LSA FAQ and the other material from the old Clusterbusters website, much of which can be found below here in the Clusterbuster files as archived by FunGuy.

It also stands on the shoulders of the files and documents on the Clusterbusters Yahoo Group website, and most importantly, on years and years of discussions and reports on DJ's CH.com website.

So here is my thanks to all those who figured all this out, brought it to or made it available clusterheads everywhere. I'm sure I'm leaving a lot of folks out, but here's to:

BobW (Psiloscribe), DJ, Flash, Pinksharkmark, shocked ben, alleyoop (bobb), Eyes Afire, islanddoug, Firebrix, jmin, Monique, Mast, Mitch, Lycaeum, Thoreau, gtar, biker, Dr. Sewell, Dr. Halpern, LeLimey, LeeS, GK, Steco, floridian, Notforhire,Vig, Ilsa, Joe L., Jokers, PL, Ueli, JD, Kaos, Scarmig, mycoguy, xebec, the folks from Erowid, CArl, Bob P, and no doubt dozens more I don't remember. 


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Just so everyone knows, this is an official Clusterbuster project that Tommy has undertaken for us.

For those that know know him, Tommy is an original Buster so has been with us from the beginning. He is a Clusterbuster Trustee and has been our unofficial historian, helping us track data and build our files.

Any help you can give him/us on this project is greatly appreciated.


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