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Trigeminal Neuralgia and busting?

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Hello Angels, 

I understand the difference between Trigeminal Neuralgia and Cluster headache. I also understand that this forum is for CH. However, some people's CH does get diagnosed as TN and hence some of you may have more information regarding this.

A friend is suffering from Trigeminal neuralgia is is really struggling with the medications (anti convulsants) and the pain. Was wondering if busting works for Trigeminal Neuralgia or if anyone has any knowledge of any alternate treatment/ medicine for this condition.

My friend has no faith in traditional elopathic medicine.

Any tips would be helpful for her. 




Om Namah Shivaye



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Sorry that I have no answer for this one, Vipul.  Maybe D3?  Or try busting . . . it probably wouldn't make things worse.

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