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Busting and anti-convulsants

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We have supplies for busting, but hubby has epilepsy and is on Kepra and Lamotrigine.  We know if he doesn't take his meds for 2-3 days he will have a seizure.  Does anyone have any info about how long he needs to be off those for busting to have a chance?


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Kepra is used for seizures but there is not a clear mechanism of action.  There are no drug-drug interactions noted and its metabolism is different than classic psychedelics.   Withdrawal of Kepra can lead to seizures.   Lamotrigine works in the brain by interfering with some electrolyte transfer and is mediated with a transmitter glutamine.  Serotonin anf Glutamine often are balance together in a normally functioning nervous system.  Lamotrigine metbolism should not effect a classical psychedelic.


I believe mixing centrally acting medications like Kepra and Lamotrigine with a substance like psilocybin or LSD is potentially very dangerous.  You are already dealing with a "wiring problem" in the central nervous system and these Rx meds are also used in disorders like bipolar so they have further reaching effects.  Withdrawing these meds to accommodate busting could lead to harm physical and psychiatric,  


Unless you can find a situation with an understanding physician and a supervised setting busting probably isnt the best option.  There is theoretical risk and real risk which is impossible to quantify.

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