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Episodic clusterhead here(almost 8 years). I have been reading a TON here, and have a couple questions...but first-

My 1st bout with CH landed me fighting alone. My doc prescribed Vicodin and told me to keep taking OTC stuff(I tried it all and ate it like candy-tylenol,advil, aleve, excedrine) and offered a shot in my temple that I refused. Nothing worked.

My boss at work hooked me up with his homeopathic dr who gave me 2 bottles of drops(Pleo UT and Pleo San Ger).

After about 2 weeks, the headaches were gone. At the time I didn't know if the drops worked, or if the cycle was over, so I tried it the next spring when they came back, and a week later, they were gone again. I would get only shadows instead of full blown attacks. I thought I had the hot setup, and life went on. Until now.

My usual no longer works, so I went to a new GP who gave me imitrex(pills). I took all 9 imitrex in a week and had rebound HA's straight from hell. 3 nights of k10's that I thought would rip my head open. So I went back to the doc who gave me prednisone and a referral to a neuro. Got lucky and neuro had a cancellation 2 days later and he gave me trixamet. Which has been working well-mostly.

I still get heavy shadows, and for the last few days this monster has been changing(maybe due to the trixamet I believe). I'm actually getting 2 different HA's on both sides of my head. My usual side is left. I'm getting hit by a k3-4 on the left, and getting shadows on my right. I was beginning to think that this cycle was winding down, but it's not giving up yet.

I go back to neuro on Jan 6th and intend on asking for o2, as I haven't been able to get an rx for it. And I'm also leaning towards a batch of RC seeds from iamshaman(200).

I'm ready to kick this thing. I'm actively searching for other busting tools, but haven't found anything yet. If the seeds don't work, I may attempt farming, but we'll cross that bridge later. ;)

I know I wrote a book already, but I do have a question about the BOL and fda approval-

Since the FDA doesn't regulate the homeopathic meds, would there be a possibility of going that route?

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Hi John,


I have a feeling that the shadows your experiencing on the opposite side of the clusters are actually a form of rebound headache caused by using the triptans. Treximet is just Imitrex with some Aleve added. (which you may already know) so, you're taking quite a bit of that also.

I think its important to do what you are and try to get the 02 setup. Its very important. Overwhelming odds of it helping a great deal and allowing you to cut down on the trex. Just be sure to get the right set up. 15 LPM or higher and a good non-re-breather mask. There are specific cluster masks out there now that work very well.

As to the BOL, it wont ever be approved as a homeopathic med. Before you can make BOL, you need to make LSD and then modify the molecule. It will need to go through all the necessary approvals....and then some.


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