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Psilocybin and Emgality

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Does anyone know if taking Emgality will affect the effect of psilocybin?   The Emgality worked at the beginning of the cylce but only for one month.  After that he started psilocybin but that is not working as well now.  We have a script of Emgality waiting, not sure if it's worth taking.  Any thoughts?

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I have taken Emgality along with MM and did not notice any change in the effectiveness with MM. As far as I know they work within you body on 2 different levels and should not interfere with eachother. I gave the Emgality about 4 months and called it quits as it did not help me out. I would say give it a try along with your other normal routine and hope for the best. Make sure you are getting the full dose for clusters, 3x the migraine dose. You will need to use 3 100mg needles and make sure they are room temp! I did not wait long enough after taking them out of the fridge one time and they hurt like hell when I injected them.  

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