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Having Horton grows you resilience

Tony Only

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Long story short.
I have been more or less PF for 10 years using psychedelics and Batch regimen (Vitamin D anti-inflammatory regimen). I was severe chronic before this so for me this was a working combination.
In 2020 I became a father. I work as an Expert by Experience in my country, this means I speak publicly about how I got better including treatments I use. Due to psychedelics being illegal in my country there was a child welfare notification made.
I agreed to go by the laws and rules and not to use psychedelics in the same house with my son. So I had to rely on Batch regimen alone. I was scared.
Eventually Horton (cluster) woke up from the long forced remission and I adjusted Batch regimen dosing accordingly. At some point my neurologist had to consult an endocrinologist due to my S-D-25 (Vitamin D 25(OH)D) being so high. Endocrinologist freaked and told me and the neurologist that I have to stop using Vitamin D immediately. I was diagnosed with hypervitaminosis D and additional blood tests were ordered to see if there is toxicity or organ damage.
I stopped and was more scared due to shadowing already present after stopping Vitamin M/L. Then all hell broke loose. You know what that is. I had to use oxygen again and triptans in emergencies - they started to increase frequency right away. Daily Horton robbed me from my ability to function and live life, I had to cancel whole week of work.
After 10 years I started being self destructive again.
I called the neurology department. Arguing with the staff and the nurses. I had to tell them I can't do this. Really can't. I feel sorry for my neurologist, an excellent doctor and great human being.
I am on Batch regimen again - currently PF after loading doses. My S-D-25 (Vitamin D 25(OH)D) is very high but other blood tests came back normal. But I am doing things I am advised not to do.
Next step is choosing psychedelics - again and moving away from my son to my own apartment because the law says so. As treatment I was microdosing but it's not possible to explain it to any one of the officials - how this treatment may or may not affect my fathering capabilities. I certainly could shed some light on it, being an alcoholic now sober for 8th year. But is is what it is.
I'm scared but I will survive. I always have, we always have and we will.
You guys are heroes living and surviving with this. You got this !
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why would you even disclose such information to authorities, well knowing of the consequences?

that is a damn hefty price to pay for being honest.but that's beside the point now..

the good news is that psychs such as psilo is metabolised in 24 hours and leave no trace in your body. there isn't a drug test that can show that you took magic mushrooms.

10 years pf is a long time and i sincerely hope you can get back to that state asap. the fact that you are unable to live with your kid because of the cure to your disease is mindblowing.

i wish you all the best!

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