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Coping Comedy


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"You look alright"

"Have you tried my Chiropractor "

"Well, we can't pay for everyone can we. What?, everyone that gets a headache gets a candy"

"I really don't know what you're complaining about "

"It can't be that bad. Live a little."

"Have you tried thinking it away. My cousin/Nephew/......"

"You know God loves you."

"It's the virus. We all feel the same way. "






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I reckon it is my personality but I have zero issue telling people what I think, starting a fight, throwing one down, even with possible Hells Angels. I've had my ass beat, but that comes with taking it like a man. Anyways, I will try to approach this like normal people would.

First, if these toxic comments are incessant then you need to assess if these people are worth being in your life: if not, drop them like a bad habit. You are better off alone than dealing with excess bullshit. This I can prove. 

If the comments are just someone that does not realize that they are invalidating your needs and concerns, it appears as if you can properly address that issue by pointing that out to them. Most just are fucking oblivious to your circumstances, it is nothing personal. What they fail to realize is that they are making your situation a million times worse.

I have such a reputation for being explosive that everyone watches what they say around me: I never had the problem. As the saying is with me, “you know how he gets.”

Back to you, learn to block the comments. If not, at least filter them. Surprisingly, this is the least area of concern in my life. But in those areas that do cause triggers, I have learned to block out or at least filter comments by rehearsal. Unfortunately, others of lack understanding about the condition, or stupidity, will not change.

Try to find something that relaxes you. Music is always a good medium. My neighbors most likely hate me, that hardcore traditional country and southern rock is on a lot, walls shaking loud. I don't know your work situation, idle time is terrible. Make/run liquor? I dunno, probably should not encourage bad ideas. 

Edit: Keith and Mel can sing the pain away. I ain't had the money in a while, but can't wait to get another muscle. Get an S-10 built similar to the Syclone you can build one and go balls to the wall on the cheap. Ain't nothing like being hopped up and going 120, it's a thrill, especially up in the mountains in the fall (beautiful).  My point is maybe a getaway into the hills, fast cars, something to escape from the bull.

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I think you missed my point Juss. I was mocking the know it all know nothings and the "why don't you just" helpers. In the early 1990's it was hold your head back and drain your sinuses. The BMJ paper that someone posted recently has the latest expert opinion. BTW, thanks for the link poster - Science sure beats superstition. 

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Don't take my advice I just tell them to fuck off. But, I tend to be rough around the edges and not worry about repercussions. I think the appropriate solution is something that I learned from fixing those portentous folks' homes in the wealthiest zips in the country (Chevy Chase and Potomac), you know, where a billionaire is a literal requirement: you piss them off more by smiling, agreeing, kissing their ass, and telling them what they want to hear.

I admit, flying off the handle is just cathartic. Truth is from what I learned from those hoity-toity high flatulent folk, was the aforementioned. Truth is that most don't know their ass from their elbow and they think that they are far smarter than lead on. Most are average at best: not everyone deserves a fucking award. 

When it comes to the people that you mention you know what they say is opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. I tell it straight, why obfuscate bullshit? 

Bottom line, ignore it. I get in trouble often, screw trials, screw about everything mainstream-research yourself, trial and experiment on yourself. Find a doctor willing to write scripts for what you want to experiment with (within reason). Trials are just sponsored by Big Pharma anyway. Just like most medical journals. Talk about conflict of interest. First things I ask a doctor: Are you a KOL? What's your cut? How many reps are coming through that fucking door? Who sponsors you? Are you a formulary guy? Yup! Goodbye! 




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