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  1. id be awful greatful! i thought i had the concept down. then i saw seeds and folks eating them for pain relief? is this right? im tired and sick of the drugs the drs are giving me. i have to drive tomorrow to the dr. a 400 mile trip one way every month. not fun but can nfind no other help. heck the brain surgon is 700 miles away one way! i need help in understanding all the aspects of this site. please. what the heck are seeds? i thought is was a mushroom lookin thing. dumdas- me though. thank you for the help! my head sure will thank any help anyone can give. bp
  2. pain, 36hrs, throwin up. ive o2, plenty drs prescribed meds. o2 only reaches 15 lpm. any ideas? hour 36 sleep was a bust and still is! thank you
  3. frontal lobe lobotomy-the home kit!-DIY! ive asked many times for such a thing my test. levels are at 800 now! i did cut 1/2 the oxycodone hydracloride out. 90ml/month. made a huge difference in everything but the monster! yea the voltage did screw things up. my arm is much better! i thought it would never heal all the way! dont complain about it because the monster keeps me busy! i would like to see some resemblance of my life again!!!!! bp
  4. im on the d-3 regimen now, have been for yrs. Thank you! i used to try so many different herbs, minerals and most everything accepted in the world we live in. nothing really helped some made things worse! my blood levels suck. im a little nervous, 253 colesterol, sodium maxed, along with a few others! drs appointment on the 4th of jan. its not for any of the blood word results but for medically low testosterone. ive been on 100% disability for 10 yrs now! life just dosnt mean the same. where did all my enthusiasm go? drive-gone! why the heck is the depression monster so strong!? on good days hes on overdrive. i used to be a very energetic guy. high on life and my family! i still have my life and my family but not the happiness, energy. wow! nuff about this. thank you for the info! bp merry christmas
  5. Bonkers & spiny, the level of appreciation for the time you both took surprised me! i was under the impression i was alone in this nightmare! may you have a wonderful holiday season. Bonkers ive had many many and still have a 1-neurologist ,2-check ups with the brain surgeon, 3-pain drs, 4-psychologist, 5-dr for low testostereone. can not remember the type of dr. ive no one to help, just me. ive been struggling for far to long. drs dont seem to know what to do! frustrating for all of us. sick and tired of the drugs they prescribe! thanks very much for the discription you gave. spot on! be well! spiny im taken back, you describe little thisgs like you know me. ill try the 25 lpm. thank you for the idea. the ball idea ive never heard. no ones ever said 25. they gasp at the 15lpm. thanks ever so much for the kind words. the city is paying for all drs meds and almost 50% of my wage. im not destitute but sure feel that way. i need a better life and stop all the drs perscribed meds! thank you both! bp
  6. sorry im prob the one. new to this been a member for some time, but never utilized the site properly. ill never, ill try to never type such a crappy definition again. sorry, best of days to you all! bp
  7. bejeeber, kind words! much thanks! the pain is constant, on good days its a 2 or 3 on the pain scale 1 to 10. the pain is always located in the frontal left lobe, if you were to take a quarter of my brain. the left frontal portion, back to my ear and below my left eye. thats the place the pain always resided. all to often the 10 is hit on the pain scale. those days r so difficult to get through. then there is the after discomfort, i always feel like ive been run over by a mack truck and backed over again! these happen 2 to 3 times a month. the worst ones. other attacks are not quite so bad, just 5 to 8 on the pain scale but still crippling! i use oxygen at 15 lpm then the damn prescribed meds that i feel r making things worse! but what do i know. i do have the medtronic device to adjust the stim. implanted in the hypothalmus. im not schooled enough for the device and the drs gave up on me. i was the 7th person in the usa to have the operation done for just this problem. i dont want to make things worse. the top voltage i got up to was a continous voltage of 3.5 volts. no fun!!!!! frequency is. now i cry! crap, sorry emotions take over from time to time. im a guy that has to be busy! way to often i usually wake with one everyday, most seem to disapate and some get much more intense. some wake me and they are the worst! the stomach contants usually come up before i make it to the bathroom!
  8. can you emagine that a altered santa! im curious to think "WHAT DOES HE SEE" if you didnt grow up with the jolly old guy, youd think his life would be? happy holidays all bp
  9. wow! does timing play a part in the relief? ive tried this during an attack! never again! does it help in the begenning of the onset?
  10. Hi all, im a 46 year young man. ive been suffering for years now! in 1997 i was electricuted with the dreaded 480 volts. i was working for a city municipality that didnt want to hire the proper people to handle the job. i was new to the job and did have some experience with electricity. the problem was the mayor, who owned a contracters license and did work for the city as a contracter. the city he was the mayor of! everything was miss marked and i trusted it. my mistake! the entire complex was less than a year old! come to find out, all the wiring was substandard. after being electrified with the 480, i woke in the u of u burn unit salt lake city. the pain started on the way home from the hospital! the level of sicness was scary for the first year. so violent and so so painful!!! ive had a deep brain stem probe implanted in my hypothalmus. kinda like a pace maker. the drs keep comparing me to the people with naturally occuring migrains. no one will look at the fact that i never had migrains before this accident. im treated like these are naturally occuring. every med on the market has been tried and tried at the strongest dosages. winding up in the emergency rm for kidney stones 4 different times. bata blockers! yuck!! i write this because im tired and im tired of fighting this. it seems every day is a struggle! there has to be a better way! i dont want to throw the towel in! ive tried very hard for a very long time. ive grown cannabis that seemed to help, but where i live i have to grow my own and it took so much money and time! ive not much of either. it was tough, i dont grow any longer. the drs have put me on the marinol 10 mg gel caps. not much help! cannabis was much more effective!! im a guy that love to be busy, this is killing me! is there anyone that has the time to deal with a person like myself? id be so greatful for any guidence! any! im lost and would like to find myself, before things get out of hand. depression seems to be growing, im not fond of this aspect! peace to all
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