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  1. Sent you a message regarding the pics of the internals of the device. I'd like to see them and the information you have on extending its use.
  2. Thathurtsmyhead and CHfather, Thank you for the help. I'm very familiar with O2 as I go the commercial route but I had yet to venture to a welding regulator (I have a 200 tank). After reading posts here and on the other site, I figured they would fairly straight forward to use. I just wanted to make sure before I bought one. I'm all about saving money! I'm not the one to spend $100+ on a medical regulator when a welding regulator for $25 can fill the same role. I'm going to pick one of the CGA-540 welding regulators up and let you guys know how it goes. Thanks!
  3. "Welding regs don't have clickable lpm gauges like medical regs, so you have to fuss with it a little to get it set right -- but it does provide very high lpms if they are needed" CHfather - Are welding regulators fairly straight forward to set in terms of LPM? I've been on the market for a 25 lpm medical regulator and just cannot find one that is reasonably priced. I've came across various welding regulators but was unsure how they would or wouldn't work for me. They are cheaper than the medical 25 lpm regulators so I'd like to test one out as long as I understand how to properly set them for a 25 lpm rate.
  4. I've been on the D3/Omega 3 regime for about two weeks now. I take 10,000 IU of D3, 3,600 mg of Omega 3 Fish oil, and one Calcium/Mag/Zinc combo a day. Prior to starting the regime, I was getting hit three times a day (9am, 3pm, and 7pm) at about a K7 for one of them and the other two K5 or less. I have only had one CH (a chlorine trigger K8 after sitting by a jacuzzi with a friend) since the third day of the regime. I have heavy shadowing some days and have had a few close calls, but that is it. I don't take any other medication nor do I have O2 at the time. I've noticed that the shadows and near CHs are very response to caffeine, exercise, and other abortive approaches then ever before. I will continue to take these vitamins until my cycle is over and will jump on it again when my next cycle comes around! Thanks you Batch!
  5. Dan and Ron, I also find this very interesting. After going to the site, I tried to "add" BOL-148 to my cart and each time it came up as a "0" quantity in my shopping cart. Is BOL-148 legal for use anywhere in the world, even in Germany? I thought I read that the researchers in Germany had to get permission from the government to run the clinical trial mentioned on "Inside LSD". I think the "0" quantity means THC Pharm cannot sell BOL-148 yet or could at one time until Enthogen came around and now has the global patent on it. Or you have to be part of a company or institution approved to use BOL-148. If my assumptions are right (Entheogen owns the patent so THC Pharm cannot sell it or you have to be in a official position), we won't see anymore BOL-148 on the market until it is approved and sold by Entheogen. Any idea how long that can take? Aren't pharmaceutical products developed and tested for years before they are approved and sold? I hope BOL-148 comes sooner! Just an FYI: The conversion rate from U.S. dollar to Euro is in favor of the Euro and has been for awhile. One 5mg order of BOL-148 (if we could get it) would cost 185 EURO or $264 U.S. dollars. Given that we need about 9mg for the full does, the cost would be around $530 U.S. dollars. I'll pay that any day to try a promising treatment like BOL-148!
  6. Jeff, I've never tried psychedelic treatment nor do I use prescription meds to treat my CHs (minus an imitrex shot here and there). My approach is a combination of caffeine, vitamins, and exercise plus any other "new" method that has arisen since my last cycle (i.e. D3, licorice, etc.) I've had CHs for 11 years now, episodic, chronic, and now back to episodic with my longest remission being 1 1/2 years. During that long remission, and usually any remission that puts distance between me and the pain of CH, I notice personality changes like you have. I'm much more "chipper', optimistic, and patient, especially with my wife. I'm surprised she hasn't killed me during this cycle considering how impatient I can be sometimes! IMO, anytime the Beast isn't around is a time to be excited, even if it's for a few hours. No reason to let CHs bring me down any longer then the pain is actually there.
  7. Hipshot, Yes, it was always interesting hearing people's response after I explained why I was wearing a back brace. Not sure how to describe the instantaneous pain of compressing vertebrae, but it sure as crap wasn't as bad as being off and on roommates with the Beast. The first thing I thought after slamming into the ground at 25mph was, "Damn this hurts, but not as bad as a CH". Of course that was after I yelled my brains out in pain for about 30 seconds. Good memories!
  8. Ron, Thanks for the link, I didn't see that thread in my search. IMO, seems that more attention would be given to this subject given the drastic changes it could bring to CH sufferers if BOL-148 is mass produced. On the other hand, sitting around discussing something that no one has access to gets old fast. I'm going to read into the files now. Thanks.
  9. I thought I would post and add my background information to the thread. I started getting the beast when I was 17, have been both episodic and chronic, and my cycles are usually anywhere from 4-8 months long. I don't like medication and refuse to try anything but imitrex and O2 (I'd rather suffer the CH then have other complications in the long run). The Vitamin D3 and Fish Oil regiment has been working as of lately, reducing the attacks and severity of my cycle. I have never used any type of drug, drank alcohol for about 6 months of my life when I was 23 (maybe 2 beers at a time), didn't have any fillings in my mouth until I was 21 (4 years after the Beast became), I've never had any type of head injury, I'm extremely active (ran cross country and track in college, still run and cycle a lot), eat healthy, had my appendix out at 19, and broke my back in a skydiving accident at 26. Until there is a massive amount of additional research, I'm not sure we'll ever know the cause of CH. Seems that there are a lot common ailments among us, but considering the large number of sufferers that are out there and have not been diagnosed properly or visit this site, we are only guessing. TUCKERMAN48, Have you visited CH.com and viewed the 123 PF Days thread? I would suggest at least giving the regiment a try as it has worked for me and others. $15-20 worth of vitamins and supplements could save you a lot of pain!
  10. New to ClusterBusters, but a long time viewer of the main CH.com forum. Today was the first day that I read about BOL-148 (after watching "Inside LSD") and discovered that Entheogen is attempting to bring BOL-148 into the pharmaceutical market. Because of my occupation, taking regular LSD or a variant is out of the question (although during a KIP 10 I feel like I would do anything to get rid of the beast). I don't like medications, but with the positive results of studies involving CH and LSD and BOL-148, I've never been more passionate about a medication coming to the market! I'm wondering if anyone has updated information on Entheogen and their need for funding? Have they met their goal and are pushing forward with clinical trials and FDA approval? Or are they still looking for donations and large investors? I think the CH.com forum and this forum should pool together and buy Mega Million tickets so we can fund Entheogen through the roof! I searched CH.com and noticed that there isn't a specific thread about BOL-148 or Entheogen. I have seen the extensive threads on LSD and the mixed response within that spread because of the legal issues involving LSD. Maybe a veteran of this site and CH.com should make a lengthy post about BOL-148 and emphasize that the chemical does not intoxicate like LSD, which seems to be the major argument point (because that intoxication is what makes LSD illegal). Maybe if people understand what BOL-148 is and what it could do for CHers around the world, we could gain more support for Entheogen. Just my thoughts.
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