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  1. Great read on the HPPD. Things that make ya go HMMMM. Bill
  2. Thanks all, The word flashback to me means shit like this.. I will be sitting there and out of nowhere it will feel like i'm tripping, it only last for like 10 seconds. It is not necessarily unpleasant. But it is weird, and it seems like it happens every now and again, i don't keep a log of it so id say maybe once or twice every 6 weeks or so. Just that along with some of the other shit that's going on makes me wonder if i need to get my head checked. Ricardo, i think you may have summed it up for me. Just a bunch of weird little things, But i do get a strong feeling these effects are coming from the shrooms. Bill
  3. Hello all, This may sound stupid but it is real for me. To start off i will give you a little history of my busting and preventive methods. 1st time i busted came at the end of a crazy long cycle 4 years ago. I started with RC seeds and did a 40 a month batch for prevent with much success. Then i moved up to shrooms about 2 years ago learning how to do it myself. The first year i was taking a rec dose once a month but started getting some hardcore weird shit start happening, like constant seeing the color effects of red and greens like when i'm on a trip. And also i was seeing lots of little things out of the corner of my eye.. Just little shit, and by the time you look.. nothing!! Well i started to lengthen out my time in between doses. Like 4 or 5 months. Last dose was 6 weeks ago and the CH is at bay, But the weird shit is still here. The little flashbacks, The colors and Corner of the eye thing. But this time its coming with a 5 second panic flash with it?? Please don't call my crazy . I just wonder if i tripped to hard or to many times?? I hope this doesn't sound stupid... And maybe there is some answer for this lil shit and will it just pass with time?? Any advise is welcomed. Coach Bill
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    Copy that... ... .......... Coach Bill
  5. coach bill


    Riv, Ouch... 3 months? longest ever for me away from the hunny was when i spent 2 days in the drunk tank. I know... I know.. coach bill
  6. Hello, Both times i used shrooms i took enough to the point where i knew it would be felt. I dont have a scale but i would say both times i took between 2-3 grams. Have not even gotten a shadow.. They were common with RC. Im lovin it!!
  7. coach bill


    Riv, The 1st time i tried the HBWR seeds i tried 5 seeds. They were a major pain in the ass to prep but they did seem to work a little better than the RC. I think because they are a bit more stronger. I did get a bit quizzy for about 10 minutes then it passed. I aslo strained them (no pulp). The next dose i did 8 seeds, almost thought i would puke for about 10 minutes but it passed again. Things did seem a bit more crisp after that, and i went back to the RC. In closing, Dont be so worried... It aint going to hurt ya. So you have to ask yourself, Do you want to take a more heavy dose of 5 seeds and possibly yak, or get a CH? Coach Bill
  8. HMMMM, I little red wine... A Kip 9.. Naaa, no connection. Coach Bill
  9. Hello, I have been taking mag along with my seeds and it has seemed to help quite a bit. I take a 250mg tab most everyday. The hit count went way down, but the combo did not bust the cycle completly. I do beleive it makes a differance. I will not stop. Coach Bill
  10. Hello, Outside of the next hit, I think going chronic is the biggest fear of all cluster suffers.(and rightfully so). My last cycle was very long indeed. I have never been able to outlast a cycle, it has always started with the twinge, to 3 hits a day two months later, then i get on the preds and the cycle stops. But last time they came back and it scared the shit out of me. That's when i found Bob, and i no longer had to worry about that. But you are not alone, and i hope your cycle will end soon. Bill
  11. Hey Bonkers, Dont mean to sound brave here but bring em on. I dont care who reads this, If "they" even had anything close to a kip 6 for less than 5 minutes "they" would be right here along side us. Im not trying to get "high". I can walk to the local 7 eleven for that. Im just trying to put an end to me rolling around on the floor crying like a 10 year old in front of my kids. And im sure these boards have gotten more than a little attention from "them", and have found that this is really nothing to worry about. "They" have much bigger fish to fry. And for the record I have never done this (lol), and i dont know any of these people :-* (lol). Coach Bill 8-)
  12. Ok, I will be the 1st to admit im not the smart guy here. So here is my next question. How do you get it? Oh, lets keep in mind that im not rich either. Im not even working full time right now. Coach Bill
  13. Yepp. Those are them. But mine was hard as hell to get out. Coach Bill
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