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  1. Cor68

    My ginger shot recipe!

    Thank you!!!
  2. Cor68


    Hello everybody!!!! Back again after a long hiatus due to my husband being pain free for almost a year and half!! His Dr. prescribed Obrelvy for him. Anybody have any experience with this med? Also, how do you use the capasiancin cream? Let me know..I appreciate any help...
  3. Cor68

    Meds and Blood Clots

    I am wondering if you have any information on the Triptans causing blood clots... My husband had two huge blood clots in his lungs...they called him a walking miracle and extremely lucky guy....to be walking. They did a ton of tests 24 viles of blood and ultra sounds ect.....they can't figure out where they came from....but I know he has been taking this med for some time, although recently he has not taking as much as in the past...he still heavily relies on this med...especially when he is scared or can't sleep...any information on them causing blood clots...I have looked can't find much...
  4. Cor68

    New to CH, 36 weeks pregnant

    I wish I read this sooner than later....My bet is, when they come back....she will be back begging for help...may be she is not experiencing cluster's at all. Anyone can tell you that, any information is useful information. VD worked for my hubby, and I thank God for this board!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to make a bet she will be back in a few years...
  5. Cor68

    checking in

    Yes, that is me....and you remember well...still the same way...why I don't understand....but I will show him.... I will keep you posted...and want to do some work or something on this when I finish school in December....it is just important.....
  6. Cor68

    checking in

    OOH I was Cory68..but forgot that sign in...
  7. Cor68

    checking in

    Hi everyone, I haven't been on since last summer....wowww!!!...My husband has been doing really well and I did land job...but have been busy finishing my third Master's for Administration in Education....I am in the middle of an internship that is intense....Update on my hubby he was headache free for the entire fall and winter...and most of the summer....Yay!!!! However, he just recently has been getting a few....hoping it is just a fluke and nothing more....but thanks to all of you.....for your help.....I now know that there is relief....you work tirelessly for others and I am soooo soooo grateful to have found you...all...I have advised him already to start the vitamin regimen that he stoppedddd....I will keep you posted....I would like to be more involved when I finish my internship, which will be in December....