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  1. Do know what the heck I'm doing....which is best Cambodian or B+?
  2. Beejeeber....in process of making that switch now! While that is in the process I want to try the HBWR seeds...but man I cant get the husk off..lol
  3. I cant get my hubby to NOT go without those needles....IDK what to do
  4. hmmm... 60 seeds...I will try! I gave him 35 and nothing. He just a few minutes ago had the mother of all clusters. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Watch someone you love in that much pain! It is the craziest thing ever!!! He ended up just taking a needle so now I have to wait for to up the seeds. For those of you that dont know.....sometimes watching someone go through this is enough to wish death on the both of us! Sick I know!
  5. So confused on this whole RC thing. Ok so it says in other post that you should start with 8 to 10 seeds to see how it effects you. So my hubby is a big guy 6ft4in 230ish so I gave in 14 seeds. He felt nothing...soooo what next 30 seeds?? When? and lets say when we get to a point of where the seeds work....how often do you take them? And can you mix RC with other types of seeds?
  6. Can someone direct me to where I will find more info on this whole mushroom thing. Seems kinda scary but then again so is watching my husband during an attack...it has been really really really bad lately...not sure he can take much more!!! :'(
  7. Hi...new here...we are soooooooo in need of some advice! We wanna try the seeds before moving on to the other options we have seen on the boards. WE are getting desperate. I say "WE" as in my husband and myself. He can't take the pain and I can't take watching it anymore!!!! What to buy...how many do you take...how often..etc..???????
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