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  1. Our prayers are with you and her
  2. Happy birthday Denny you have done so much for me I hope you have had a special day Pat
  3. My first bust has been successful. I am grateful for all you. I don't know how long my bust will last but everyday is a God sent though all of you angels.
  4. bubblesup


    I planning to make a trip to Ireland and am concerned because travel in the past has been a key trigger. Between international travel and being with extended family. I am looking for advise what to take on a travel. Tabs worry me because of the duration. I was wondering about using RC seeds or 2C-I.
  5. What does any one know or experiences using these herbs scorpio, rhizoma Gastrodiae, Rhizoma cypert, Fructus Viticis, Radix Paeoniae alba Ramulus cinnamomi Bombyx Batryticatus
  6. I have been using the mask without the bag at 15 setting on the valve the tank empties in thirty minutes. the same in the er's
  7. I am 46 and have had them since 21 lsd about three years ago gave me three months without ch now i am planning to grow with many fears for the law as i live in a small town o2 has not worked i may try red bull for early onset
  8. Patrick and I have suffer the demon headache for years. P is so excited to finally have a place to share and not feel so helpless and alone.
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