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  1. proudly and with admiration you are are a inspiration thank you
  2. My spores are colonizing. My concern is there is a lot of milky brown on the edge of the white colonizing. When the process started the jars were full of grey clouding and the milky brown. Strain is colorado. Will this be ok or is this something to throw out.
  3. Thank you for the reality check. This helps so much. My wife was reading this with me and remembered she had resently thought I should bust back anxiety/depression/ PTSD. Also yes I believe those are an extension of my CH. My anxiety is not isolated. Thanks Bejeeber I often do not give my self enough credit. As always this site saves my ass in many ways.
  4. My disability is a combination of depression, anxiety, ADD, CH PTSD , Broken back broken left foot. My Dad had a heart attack while driving and we had a head on collision I was the only survivor. ADD Meds gave me the worst CH's I never slept. Busting helps the depression. I have either been under employed or unemployed.
  5. Praise and concern I have been PF for a month and a half it is awesome, however I find anxiety to be a concern. I start thinking I should find work. But I remember when i was working my physical and mental health was rough. I am on total disability and get a lot of grief from siblings who do not understand but insist I am wrong for being on disability. I so much want to tell them to just F off. Any feed back is welcomed.
  6. I mean in years past before ever practicing busting, I did not have dreams i could remember but with Vit M I find it brings my dreams back.
  7. bubblesup


    Before busting I don t remember dreams in my sleep. It is fun and scary because it seems foreign. I have always understood it to be healthier, so go busting.
  8. wanting to meet anyone in Colorado
  9. bubblesup


    What is the best to tell a welding supply place inorder to get O2. I get lots of questions that i can not answer about welding processes.
  10. Right I could not sleep at all. The concerta and Adderall are forms of ritalin. Not familiar with Metamina.
  11. My two cents worth is I have ADD and was treated with concerta and Adderall. With both i never slept and was hit off the scale.
  12. Wishing you a happy b day. Thanks for all you do
  13. I had been taking 5 but found myself waking up about 4 each morning so i increased it to 10. Seems to be better now
  14. I have been discouraged lately as mentioned in previous posts. Thus, I have had multiple conversations with my wife were she has stated very clearly that even though I may not have completely broke my chronic cycles these busting processes have cut down my frequencies and life with me has been much happier, I've been more functional with my family and just all around more present. She has told me being chronic I may never be totally PF however the processes Help more than I realize. What love I feel from my wife and you all.
  15. I am having tears of joy for you and your wife.
  16. I am right with you broke, stressed, hardly take care of my family. I did use Binder and binder and was successful first time. I just laid it all on the line it took six months. But than I am on indigent care and can not afford to see doctors only ER for 22 months till medicare kicks in. I have ER vistits I just am not giong to pay not proud to say that but feel like I have no choice. I don t think outside of us CH er s understand this aspect either. CB treatments have definitely helped depression.
  17. I was so glad to make this connection with you at the conference. Though I have only been busting this year chronic as well. The more I bust the more I feel better about my self these do more than help the pain. My activies are mountain biking and swimming Though my focus has been on my ch and my bi polar son and trying to get him the right help to prevent jail. Not easy.
  18. I have had 155 over 115 I now find when not being hit I have 149 over 111. Thus am now convinced I have high blood pressure it has been a question over the years. Now the question is how correcting high blood pressure will effect my ch's or not.
  19. What is known about high blood pressure and our ch's
  20. i and my better self will be there too staying at a friends
  21. I am going to be traveling in Ireland wondering whose is out there I may visit with.
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